The more Justin Fields uses his legs the less success the Bears have in the fourth quarter

Justin Fields’ rushing ability has become the sole point of success for the Chicago Bears’ offense in 2022 and one stat proves just how teams are slowing Fields down in order to win games.

Justin Fields has been a terror for defenses with his ability to run the football.  Fields has had two incredible highlight-reel touchdown runs of 61 and 67 yards in the past two games.  He has had two consecutive games of over 140-yards rushing, but none of that seems to matter as the Bears have lost those games.  In fact, the Bears are 1-3 in games in which Justin Fields runs for over 80-yards in a game.  In those four games, the Bears have been unable to score more than seven points in the fourth quarter.

Fields has been dynamic with his legs, but by the fourth quarter teams have adjusted and become more disciplined in their containment Fields and have in turn completely shut down the Bears’ offense.

Last week the defense kept the Dolphins off the scoreboard in the fourth quarter and Fields couldn’t get done in the fourth quarter.  This week, the defense imploded in the fourth quarter allowing 14 points, but Fields gave up a pick-six and was once again shut down by the Lions’ defense garnering only one touchdown in the fourth quarter.

After Justin Fields’ 67-yard TD run the Bears had two more bites at the apple to put the game on ice and the offense netted two yards on two drives.

Last week against the Dolphins the same problem existed on offense, two drives, and the Bears’ offense only netted 38 yards total.

Without question, Justin Fields has shown growth with his ability to make plays with his legs running the football, and it has resulted in the most exciting era of football perhaps ever.  However, until Justin Fields starts to make more plays with his arm the Bears aren’t going to field a team that’s going to compete against the upper echelon of Super Bowl-caliber teams in the NFL.

Instead, the Bears will be left to fight it out against the lower-tier teams in close games that they may win or may lose depending on how things go with turnovers or key fourth-quarter plays.  Credit is due for Justin Fields’ ability to make plays with his legs, but he has shown little growth as a passer in the same time frame.

For Justin Fields to become a complete QB he is going to have to become the clutch fourth-quarter field general that the greatest QBs in the league are known for over the course of their careers.

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