The Immersive Van Gogh Exhibit is Officially Open in ChicagoMira Temkinon February 14, 2021 at 8:55 pm

This amazing Van Gogh exhibit opened in Paris in 2018 to rave reviews. You may have caught a glimpse of it in the Netflix series, “Emily in Paris.” Now it’s currently touring the U.S. and Toronto with a stop in Chicago and has been recently extended through September 6.

Immersive Van Gogh is a visually spectacular digital art exhibition in Chicago that invites you to “step inside” the iconic works of post-Impressionist artist Vincent Van Gogh like never before. It evokes his highly emotional and chaotic inner consciousness through art, light, music and movement. You will stand in awe of this magnificent immersion as you get carried away in a sea of stimulation.

With more than 50 projectors illuminating over 14,000 square-feet, visitors at the exhibit in Chicago will be surrounded by Van Gogh’s brushstrokes and colors, including animated details from Self Portrait with Felt Hat (1888), The Bedroom in Arles (1889), Irises (1889) and The Starry Night (1889).


Immersive Van Gogh is a glorious exhibit that will envelop your visual and audio senses. Bring a pal and sit on one of the circles on the floor. Then step up to the balcony and get a different perspective. Take in the classical music, Edith Piaf’s “No Regrets” and other spectacular sounds.


“Immersive Van Gogh is a new way of encountering art, as it literally surrounds viewers on all sides with the brilliant work of one of the greatest painters of all time,” said Immersive Art Space Co-Producer Corey Ross. “Merging state-of-the-art technology, theatrical storytelling, animation and some of the finest works of art ever created, Immersive Van Gogh is a uniquely mesmerizing experience that seemingly transports the viewer into the artist’s mind to see these timeless works as never before.”

The 1 hour stimulating Van Gogh exhibit in Chicago has been designed in accordance with the latest health and safety protocols.  Capacity is limited and masks are required at all times. Additional safety precautions include touchless ticket-taking, temperature checks upon arrival, hand sanitizer stations, social distancing markers throughout the venue and digitally projected social distancing circles on the gallery floors to ensure appropriate spacing.


The IMMERSIVE VAN GOGH EXHIBIT is displayed at the Lighthouse Art Space, 108 Germania Place in Chicago. More than 180,000 guests have enjoyed it since its debut in Toronto during the pandemic in July 2020.


Ticket prices for the Van Gogh exhibit in Chicago start at $39.99 for adults ($24.99 for children 16 or younger) with untimed and flexible ticket options available. Use public transportation or park in the nearby James House parking garage. For more information, visit  Immersive Van Gogh, or call 844-307-4644. Follow the exhibition on social media at @vangoghchicago, on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter.

All photos by Michael Brosilow.


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