The Defensive unit rebuild of the Chicago Blackhawks

The Chicago Blackhawks add a key piece to their defense this week

The Chicago Blackhawks’ are attempting to boost their defense bysigning free agent defenseman Jack Johnson to their lineup on a one-year contract worth $950,000.

The team itself is looking to more of a heavy veteran presence training the young group of core players that are good prospects on the team, but initially giving them a chance to learn in a more broader term of play, providing them ample amount of a chance to excel in a manner that relates to the game.

The guidance brought by the veterans at this point will thrive the game for the rookies and sophomores to say the least, because of the nature and award winning championship attributes most veteran players bring to the table.

For the most part, this stabilizes the defense system at most for the team and brings up the credibility of the defensive game the Blackhawks’ are trying to run with in general, not to mention the leadership quality that these players have with them.

How the Defensive unit will shape up at the beginning of the season.

To be more specific, the defense system was the strongest attribute to this team entering the offseason and general manager Kyle Davidson has found a method to solidify his stance on the defensive structure to the team’s need.

From the aspect of working on the frontline of the lineup, however, it is doubtful that any move will be made in that part or acquisition to say. Until the trade deadline of course, due to the reason that more offensive players will be available at that time with a whole new cap space scenario to look at.

Will the Defensive unit lineup take charge of the team’s needs in general?

This team will have it’s ups and downs and for the most part in one’s opinion it is looking promising for the team to build on the future from the past in an incredibly nifty way.

Given the recent history of the Blackhawks’, it is safe to say that the future will be introduced by the past and that the torch will be passed, by none other than player’s such as Jonathan Toews and Patrick Kane.

Who will remain Chicago Blackhawks in one’s opinion, until the end of their respective championship careers.

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