The Cubs received some exciting news on the All-Star GameVincent Pariseon July 11, 2022 at 7:00 pm

The 2022 Major League Baseball season has been anything but exciting for fans of the Chicago Cubs as they are one of the worst teams in the league. With that in mind, however, they do have some players that are having good years on an individual level.

Willson Contreras is one of those players. He was named as the starting catcher for the National League All-Stars which is really cool for him. There is a very good chance that he gets traded before the trade deadline so this could be his last big moment in a Cubs uniform.

On Sunday, the league announced that his brother William Contreras is going to take the spot of the injured Bryce Harper as the NL’s designated hitter. Both of the brothers are going to be in the starting lineup together which is so amazing.

This is going to be the first time that two brothers will appear in the same All-Star Game in 19 years. Brett and Aaron Boone were the last to do it in 2003. It is going to be something that these two and their families remember forever.

It should be awesome for Cubs fans to see as Contreras is clearly a fan favorite. He was a part of the greatest Cubs team in history and will always be loved for that. If he is traded because of the lack of contract extension, this could go as the last amazing Cubs moment for him.

The Chicago Cubs are sending two of their players to the mid-summer classic.

The fun news doesn’t end there either. Ian Happ was named to be a reserve for the National League All-Stars. That is an amazing accomplishment as he has had to battle to get to this level. His career has been up and down to start but 2022 has been amazing for him up to this point.

Both Happ and Contreras deserve to stand amongst the league’s best players and celebrate the great game of baseball. They have both been magnificent for the Cubs despite what has been a really tough situation.

Getting all of this All-Star Game news over the past couple of days has been really fun which suggests that the event is going to be a lot of fun. It will take place at Dodger Stadium on July 19th, 2022.

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