The Chicago White Sox need a managerial change badlyVincent Pariseon June 13, 2022 at 12:00 pm

The Chicago White Sox had a miserable weekend followed by a miserable week. They should have taken the series over the Los Angeles Dodgers (who might be the best team in the league when it’s all said and done) and they should have swept the Texas Rangers.

Instead, they went 2-4. For a team that came into the 2022 season with World Series expectations, that is just unacceptable. A lot of it can be blamed on Hall of Fame manager Tony La Russa. He has just been terrible this season.

We all know about the horrid decision against the Los Angeles Dodgers that saw Tony intentionally walk Trea Turner with two strikes (and two outs) so Bennett Sousa could face Max Muncy instead.

Of course, Muncy proceeded to hit a three-run home run and put the game out of reach for the White Sox. That was one of a few egregious mistakes that La Russa has made that has caused his team to lose games.

The bad decisions made by Chicago White Sox manager Tony La Russa need to stop.

That bad decision came a day after leading off with Leury Garcia. He is one of the two worst hitters on the team and that is the guy that La Russa uses to replace Tim Anderson who might be the best hitter on the team. When Garcia came up with a chance to do some damage and potentially win the game, he had a non-competitive at bat.

The bad bullpen management was the story of the weekend against the Rangers. Tony didn’t think it was necessary to use most of his best arms for most of the series. The starting pitching didn’t give what it normally does for the White Sox but the bullpen is usually solid when used right.

Jimmy Lambert, Bennett Sousa, and Tanner Banks were used way too much. Even a guy like Jose Ruiz pitched multiple times but Kendall Graveman, Aaron Bummer, and Liam Hendriks were mostly “unavailable” for some reason.

In high leverage situations, Tony opted for the worst pitchers on the roster more often than not. It is inexcusable. This team has absolutely no chance to win when he is in the dugout managing the team. He is not the right fit for this squad in any way, shape, or form.

We have seen multiple other teams fire their managers already. It works for some and not for others but the White Sox have a really nice roster. Jerry Reinsdorf hired his friend to be the manager instead of allowing Rick Hahn to pick a great coach.

It is just bad and it needs to be corrected soon otherwise the White Sox will have the most disappointing season in franchise history.

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