The Chicago White Sox cannot seem to catch a break this seasonTodd Welteron June 23, 2022 at 12:00 pm

The Chicago White Sox finally got back to .500 for the first time since May 26th after a thrilling extra-innings victory over the Toronto Blue Jays.

Fast forward to a day later and the White Sox are once again under .500 after the Blue Jays took the series finale.

Once again, when things were looking to finally go the Sox way, the bad luck that has hovered this team all season showed up. Luis Robert, who has been swinging a hot bat, left the game with leg soreness.

Danny Mendick, who has been one of the few offensive bright spots, left the game with a knee injury after a collision with outfielder Adam Haseley. An MRI will show how long Mendick will be out.

Danny Mendick is getting an MRI. La Russa said he’s got a substantial bruise on his right knee

— James Fegan (@JRFegan) June 22, 2022

Adam Engel also left the game with hamstring soreness. Jose Abreu was the designated hitter because of hip soreness. Tim Anderson is still working his way back into being able to play every day after returning to the lineup.

The Chicago White Sox have won six of their last nine but every time it looks like they are about to go a run, a rash of injuries comes up. The injury issue is getting to be a bit much.

The Chicago White Sox needs things to get better as soon as possible.

Giolito got rocked for seven runs by the Blue Jays. His last five starts have not been great at all.

Been a rough go for Lucas Giolito.

Last 5 starts (including today):

24.2 IP
27 ER
39 H
9 HR
9.85 ERA#WhiteSox

— Ryan McGuffey (@RyanMcGuffey) June 22, 2022

Giolito is frustrated with how his last couple of outings has gone for himself. The Chicago White Sox certainly needs him to be much better going forward.

The struggle is real for Lucas Giolito, who has an 8.78 ERA over his last 5 starts #WhiteSoxin60

— White Sox Talk (@NBCSWhiteSox) June 22, 2022

The Chicago White Sox had a chance to make a statement by sweeping the Blue Jays and getting over .500. Instead, Giolito got pounded in the fifth inning and they are now back to a game under .500. Giolito’s struggles have come at the worst time.

This isn’t just because the Sox fell below .500 but because the White Sox keep getting bitten by the injury bug. The Chicago White Sox are starting to get the offense going but with injuries and poor defense, the last thing the Sox need is their ace going through a regression period.

They need the 2019-2021 version of Lucas Giolito and not the 2018 (and April 2021) version. For those that blocked out his 2018 season, Giolito was one of the worst pitchers in baseball.

At least Giolito is aware of his struggles and is working to solve them as quickly as possible. He is not being like his former teammate Dallas Keuchel who never really acknowledged his pitching problems and that is why he is no longer with the team.

It does not help that reliever Matt Foster is struggling as well. Foster gave up two runs that put the game out of reach. He already had an 18.69 ERA in June when he entered the game. The Sox bullpen is also beaten up so having Foster pitch poorly after being so dominant is not helping the cause.

The Cleveland Guardians and the Minnesota Twins appear to be in the AL Central Division race for the long haul. The disappointing start has now gotten to the point where the Chicago White Sox needs to stack up some wins to keep pace. They really could use a nice long win streak.

Once it looks like that is the horizon, bad things happen and the Sox are stuck where they have been for most of the season and that is under .500 looking up at the Twins and Guardians in the standings.

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