The Chicago Cubs losing streak now reaches double digitsVincent Pariseon June 16, 2022 at 11:30 pm

The Chicago Cubs are in a really bad spot. They are now 23-40 after losing ten straight games. They are now in a two-way tie for last place in the National League Central Division. Nobody ever thought that the Cincinnati Reds would catch anyone in the division but the Cubs have been that bad.

This tenth straight loss came in the four-game sweep that the San Diego Padres laid on them this week. It is as low as the Chicago Cubs have been all season long. It is honestly the worst that they have looked in a really long time.

We knew that the Chicago Cubs were going to be bad this year but nobody ever would have thought it’d be this bad. They traded away most of their roster starting after the 2020 season and have been rebuilding ever since.

During this dreaded 10-game losing streak, the Cubs have been outscored 90-30. They haven’t just been losing most of these games as they have been dominated in almost every way. Even when it looks like they are going to end it, they find a way to lose.

The Chicago Cubs need to find a way to end their double-digit losing streak.

How do the Cubs get out of it? Well, they need to just keep playing. They have good starting pitchers and good hitters on the team but they haven’t been able to get it all at the same time.

Even when Willson Contreras hit two home runs to get the Cubs a 5-0 lead on Tuesday, they weren’t able to hold on against the Padres. Those are the types of games that even the worst teams need to win but they weren’t able to. Nothing is going right.

Is David Ross going to be on the hot seat here? Well, he shouldn’t be. They have mostly lost to really good teams. In fact, every team they lost to on this streak is in first place of their division as of right now with the exception of the Baltimore Orioles who only accounted for one loss (the other game was rained out).

This roster that the Cubs have given Ross isn’t good enough to compete with these teams. Should they win at least a few of these games? Yes. But it isn’t Ross’s fault that the team is a disaster on the field because of the fact that they are a disaster on paper.

Players on this team need to step up so that they can get out of this. It isn’t going to be easy but it can happen. Unfortunately, the red-hot Atlanta Braves are in town now so the Cubs will have their hands full against the defending world champions. However, winning a game against the champs to end this 10-game streak would go a long way for their organization.

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