The Chicago Cubs are on another brutal losing streakVincent Pariseon June 22, 2022 at 12:00 pm

The Chicago Cubs are in a very bad spot. Over the weekend, they ended their ten-game losing streak by defeating the World Series champion Atlanta Braves. In fact, they ended their ten-game losing streak by ending Atlanta’s 14-game winning streak.

It was honestly wild to see as it was the first time in MLB history that a team on a 10 (or more) game losing streak ended a team’s 10 (or more) game winning streak. The Cubs won the second game and the series for good measure which was a surprise.

The third game of the series didn’t go so well as they lost 6-0 to those Braves. That began what is now a three-game losing streak after they were destroyed by the Pittsburgh Pirates on back-to-back nights.

On Monday, Pittsburgh beat them 12-1. On Tuesday, the Cubs lost 7-1 to the same team. That means that they are being outscored 25-2 in these three games. That is bad even for the bad teams. They now sit at 25-43.

The Chicago Cubs are very down right now as they have lost three in a row.

They have a chance to get something out of this series as they have two more with the Pittsburgh Pirates. Keegan Thompson has had an enchanted year so he is just the guy the Cubs want to see on the mound in the first one. Pittsburgh’s starter still remains to be seen.

In the series finale on Thursday, the Cubs will see an old friend in Jose Quintana. Justin Steele is set to throw for the Cubs in this one. It might be a high-scoring game. You never know with baseball but this is still a series that they can split.

There is a lot of baseball left this year but things aren’t getting better for the Cubs. They still aren’t in last because of the Cincinnati Reds’ start to the season but they are close. This is just one of those years where you stick with your team no matter what if you’re a Cubs fan.

It is possible that some prospects continue to get looks in MLB which will be exciting. There are also going to be some painful days with the trade deadline coming up later this season. After 2021, however, this year will be a piece of cake.

It is just unfortunate that they keep going on these bad losing streaks while trying to rebuild their roster. It is probably time for Jed Hoyer to actually use the term rebuild because he isn’t fooling anyone with this team.

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