The Chicago Bulls should not be afraid to trade Patrick WilliamsRyan Heckmanon June 16, 2022 at 9:30 pm

One of the hottest NBA rumors floating around right now involves the Chicago Bulls trading for Utah Jazz big man Rudy Gobert.

The disgruntled star center will not co-exist with guard Donovan Mitchell, and thus the Jazz are likely going to trade him this summer — and maybe, very soon. The Bulls have been mentioned as one of the top landing spots for Gobert, too, which is going to make the next couple of weeks very intriguing.

A deal could get done before the 2022 NBA Draft next Thursday, which would mean the immediate, coming days get interesting.

In a report put out by Bleacher Report’s Jake Fischer, it was said that the Bulls appear unlikely to include third-year forward Patrick Williams in any deal for Gobert. But, is that really the right stance for the Bulls to take?

Should the Chicago Bulls really be unwilling to include Patrick Williams in a Rudy Gobert trade?

Coming off just his second year in the league, the former no. 4 overall pick, Williams, still has much to prove. Now, his sophomore season was largely derailed by a wrist injury which caused him to miss the majority of the season. But, regardless of that injury, he still has a ways to go.

The versatility that Williams brings, being able to guard multiple positions and play the three or the four, is a nice weapon for the Bulls to possess. It’s that trait which makes Williams a coveted piece in a trade with Utah.

But, is Williams that good, to the point where he should be considered untouchable? Not so fast.

As good as Williams could be, we need to remember that, up until the day of the draft, not many knew a whole lot about him. He was a kid who did not start for his college program in Florida State, and was more of the do-it-all bench guy who dominated as a reserve.

He was not a household name coming out of college, by any means. And he’s still not a household name. The unwillingness to trade Williams is solely based on potential, at this point.

However, if the Bulls could trade Williams and Nikola Vucevic, straight up, for Gobert, why not do it?

Think about the possibilities from there. The Bulls still have their pick at no. 18, where they could find a possible replacement for Williams. Or, they could do what is also being rumored recently, and flip the no. 18 pick and Coby White to move up higher in the draft and get an even better player.

Gobert is the best player in the deal, by far. The 3-time NBA Defensive Player of the Year will make the Bulls an even better defensive team, coupled with a healthy Lonzo Ball and Alex Caruso.

Yes, Williams could end up being excellent. However, the Bulls have a core that’s ready to win right now. DeMar DeRozan isn’t getting younger, and he will be key to winning right now. A deal for Gobert means this team is ready to win a championship, so there’s no time for waiting around on a younger guy to pan out.

If the Bulls are ready to win and do it now, then Williams can’t be completely ruled out of a trade.

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