The Chicago Bulls land Kevin Durant in one of these 3 tradesRyan Heckmanon June 26, 2022 at 12:00 pm

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Things could begin to get real wild around the league, real quick. Prior to the 2022 NBA Draft, the Chicago Bulls were involved in a couple of major trade rumors.

Now, the league is apparently on notice that Brooklyn Nets star Kevin Durant may be available via trade, and the Bulls would be quite an intriguing landing spot. According to reports, teams are prepping for the possibility of acquiring Durant within the next few days.

The entire situation began as rumors started to surface regarding the future of fellow Nets star, Kyrie Irving. The Nets may not be committed to Irving long-term, which could wind up with a variety of things happening.

If Irving opts out, then he hits free agency. However, he could also opt into his deal and try to force a sign-and-trade elsewhere. Assuming Irving leaves Brooklyn, then Durant becomes fair game on the trade market.

If Kevin Durant becomes available via trade, the Chicago Bulls immediately become an attractive destination.

The Bulls are one of a few excellent landing spots for Durant and could be an ideal trade partner for the Nets. When looking at the situation, it does make sense for the Nets to completely strip down and rebuild if Irving leaves.

The Nets are completely dry of draft capital, and would need some young pieces in return for Durant along with some picks. The Bulls could offer both of those things, but in a couple of different ways. From Durant’s perspective, the opportunity to join forces with DeMar DeRozan and Zach LaVine has to be an appealing one.

Now, just how much is Durant worth entering his age 34 season? Assuming he still has a handful of good years left, the answer is: quite a bit.

If the Bulls wanted to enter the Durant sweepstakes that could potentially open just days from now, it would take a hefty return for them to land him. However, they could pull it off if they really wanted to. Take a look at three different trade scenarios where Durant ends up in Chicago.


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