The Chicago Bears vision doesn’t change with the loss to Green BayVincent Pariseon December 6, 2022 at 2:00 pm

The Chicago Bears are one of the worst teams in the National Football League. The Green Bay Packers are also bad but they have just a little bit more than the Bears in the year 2022. The difference is that the Bears are bad on purpose and the Packers are bad on accident.

Chicago came into this year knowing that they wanted a top-five pick and to develop their quarterback. 2023 is when they hope to start turning the tide in the NFC North Division. So far, they are looking like they will accomplish that goal.

As for Green Bay, they came in with Aaron Rodgers on back-to-back MVPs. They were expecting to try and get one more Super Bowl out of him and his Hall of Fame career but they have been brutal.

Okay, the Packers came back and won a game against the Bears in Chicago. Now they have five wins and are well below the playoff line with five weeks left in the season. They are a terrible team with a long rebuild ahead of them.

The Chicago Bears didn’t change their vision for the Green Bay Packers game.

The Bears lost this game but that doesn’t change the outlook for the future. Would it be nice to beat the Packers? Yes. Of course. However, it would be even nicer to draft a better player than them in the 2023 NFL Draft instead of losing stock over a meaningless game for both teams.

Nobody will remember this loss. They will remember that Justin Fields looked great for most of the game and the impact that this season had on the future of the organization. There are a few players coming out of the draft that would make this team better right away.

Would you like to see Fields avoid two interceptions down the stretch of the game when they were trying to win it? Yes. However, one pick was a bad route run and one was him trying to make a play to win the game late. If he had better protection and receivers, he wouldn’t have been in that situation.

Now, the Bears enter the bye with a chance to get some people (including Fields) healthy. They are 3-10 and have a really good chance of getting a high-value draft pick.

With the Philadelphia Eagles and Buffalo Bills coming up, that stock will only continue to rise (you’d think). This loss to Green Bay was more bad than good. Draft night can’t come soon enough.

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