The Chicago Bears should have traded for Robbie AndersonVincent Pariseon October 17, 2022 at 5:30 pm

The Chicago Bears are a team that desperately needs some help on offense. We see flashes of brilliance from Justin Fields at quarterback and Luke Getsy as offensive coordinator but nothing is able to stick as a result of the lack of talent.

Now, when good offensive players that can help become available, it is clear that the Chicago Bears should be involved. That was the case on Sunday night and Monday morning with Carolina Panthers wide receiver Robbie Anderson.

Anderson is absolutely someone that Fields could use as a weapon right now. He was on the block after the way he was sent off the field in Sunday’s loss to the Los Angeles Rams. It was a bad look and the disconnect made it so obvious that he would be moved right away.

It didn’t help the Panthers that the loss dropped them to 1-5. It is a disaster down there right now and moves are going to be made. The Bears could really take advantage, especially since they pay the least in the league and second-to-last place makes about 20 million more as a group.

The Chicago Bears should have done what they can to land Robbie Anderson.

Unfortunately, the Bears were too late on Robbie Anderson if they had any intention of grabbing him for this offense. On Monday, he was traded to the Arizona Cardinals which put a quick end to that narrative.

Now, the Cardinals will be getting Anderson in a trade and D’Andre Hopkins back from suspension in the same week which should really help their offense. You see them make moves to help Kyler Murray grow as a quarterback which is exactly what the Bears need to do for Justin Fields.

If the Bears would have made a move for Anderson, they wouldn’t have had to give up that much. They need to make developing Fields their top priority which would include adding more weapons for him to use. Someone like Robbie Anderson, as mentioned before, would have surely helped.

There are going to be other players like this out there in the coming weeks before the trade deadline. They will also have some to look at in the 2023 NFL Draft and free agency. That doesn’t just apply to wide receivers either. That includes the offensive line and tight ends as well.

Time will tell if this would have been a good move for the Bears but it seems like one right now. It will not happen which is tough but they need to move forward. Fields has the talent but he needs help. We will see.

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