The Chicago Bears offense looks refreshing in second preseason gameRyan Heckmanon August 19, 2022 at 12:00 pm

In the Chicago Bears‘ second preseason game against the Seattle Seahawks, fans saw the offense take a step forward.

Following a season where the Bears’ offense finished in the bottom five of the league in most major categories, it was refreshing to see some hints at what the new scheme looks like under Luke Getsy.

Even though it is just preseason, the scheme matters. The play-calling might be vanilla, but that’s for a reason — and even through Getsy’s non-game-planning, fans saw a much different offense on Thursday night.

It was most noticeable when watching the quarterbacks, and that was a pleasant sight to behold.

Justin Fields and the Chicago Bears quarterbacks put Luke Getsy’s offense on display, showing fans a different feel.

Fields played just one series in the game, leading the Bears down for a field goal. He went 5-for-7 on that drive, for 39 yards and did not take a sack.

Getsy rolled Fields out multiple times on that first drive and Fields looked extremely comfortable doing so, firing a couple rockets rolling out to his left. One of those rollouts saw Fields rifle a pass to Cole Kmet for a long gain.

Fields rolling out is a thing of beauty. @justnfields

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— NFL (@NFL) August 19, 2022

Kmet caught two passes from Fields, for 31 yards, and had 20 yards after the catch. He and Fields looked like they were on the same page from the get-go, and that could be a sign of what’s to come this season.

It wasn’t just Fields, though, as backup quarterback Trevor Siemian was used on play action and even rolled out on occasion. It was extremely refreshing to see a Bears offense utilizing movement by their quarterbacks, because it’s something that Matt Nagy failed to do regularly. Even Nathan Peterman was used in the same way — which was interesting to see Peterman look decent at times.

One thing Getsy is doing, both because he has to and because it’s part of his scheme, is moving his quarterbacks around. The offensive line is not in great shape, right now, and a mobile quarterback is going to help disguise that issue to some extent. That factored into many plays on Thursday night, where the offensive line may not have held up but the quarterback was also moving out of the pocket.

In addition to the quarterbacks moving, the Bears looked strong on the ground. This might be one of the deepest running back rooms in all of football, and David Montgomery didn’t even play. Khalil Herbert only played on that first series, too. So, it was Trestan Ebner and Darrynton Evans getting some run, and both of them ran very hard.

The effort was there from the Bears’ running backs, and even their wideouts. The type of practices that Eberflus runs is paying dividends, because his guys play hard and tough. The attitude of this offense has completely changed. The skill players look to be the aggressors, which is a nice change of pace for once.

All in all, fans should be encouraged by the offense after this one. The Bears may not have the necessary weapons or a stud offensive line, but the scheme is working for Getsy’s quarterbacks, and at least fans have that positive trend to look at.

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