The Chicago Bears most successful quarterback hopes Justin Fields surpasses him

Jay Cutler is the Chicago Bears’ best quarterback in history

The Chicago Bears don’t have a history with too many great franchise quarterbacks. Former Bears quarterback Jay Cutler didn’t get the respect he felt he deserved while with the team but hopes Justin Fields can get his as the team leader.

Cutler is easily the best Bears quarterback in their history. It’s not really close for the former fan-turned-Bear. Cutler set the Bears record for most passing yards (23,433) and passing touchdowns (154).

Sid Luckman is 17 touchdowns shy of Cutler, but a lot of passing yards short. Jim McMahon has a Super Bowl victory to his name, but his stats are as close to Cutler as Soldier Field is to Arlington Heights.

Cutler spoke to Jason Lieser with the Chicago Sun-Times. Cutler told Lieser that he thinks Bears fans appreciate him more now than when he was in Chicago, and that he hopes Fields can be even better than he was.

Per Lieser, Cutler said of Fields:

“If the Bears start winning . . . I hope they do. And I hope Justin is successful, and I hope he’s the next big thing here and he’s the best quarterback to come out of Chicago Bears history.”

“I like him . . . he’s got all the tools, but it’s the same problem the Bears have had for a long time: They’re turning over coaches and turning over OCs,” Cutler said. “It’s hard for a quarterback. You look across the league, and the guys that are really good at quarterback have the same coaches and same systems each year.

“This is like learning a different language. It’s like if I told you: ‘Hey, you’ve gotta learn Spanish this year, and next year learn Italian and the next year learn Chinese,’ it’s not gonna be easy.”

Fields is nowhere near where Cutler was with the Chicago Bears

Cutler’s playing style is as close to Fields as Spanish is to Chinese. The only thing the two have in common is the blue and orange the two put on to represent the Chicago Bears. Fields is much more athletic than Cutler ever was.

FIelds also comes off as more likable and seems to give off the energy that he’s fully invested in his career. Fair or not, Cutler would often seem to be apathetic as a signal-caller. That annoyed fans when the Bears lost. Some fans accused him of quitting during the NFC championship game versus the Green Bay Packers.

One thing Cutler has over Fields is a positive touchdown to interception ratio. Fields put the ball in the hands of too many defensive players last season, whether through the air or the ground. That’s something Fields will need to fix regardless of whether a coach knows how to set up a game plan or not.

If you miss Jay Cutler slinging bombs to Bears wide receivers, here are some clips:

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