The Chicago Bears have no chance in week one for this reasonVincent Pariseon September 10, 2022 at 12:00 pm

The Chicago Bears open their season on Sunday against the San Francisco 49ers. It is a big game for both teams as they look to develop their young quarterbacks. Both Tre Lance and Justin Fields were selected in the 2021 NFL Draft and have hopes of becoming stars.

Tre Lance finally taking over at quarterback for the 49ers on a full-time basis makes them a little bit of a question mark compared to some of the other elite teams in the league with established quarterbacks. However, the Bears have absolutely no chance against them.

San Francisco just needs Lance to play okay to beat the Bears in this one. The reason that the Bears don’t have a chance in this game is that they lack talent. Their roster is just not good enough.

San Francisco has a top-five overall roster that needs their quarterback to play well to be considered Super Bowl good. Beating the Bears won’t take Super Bowl good though. They are a bad team with a quarterback in a tough spot.

The Chicago Bears don’t have enough talent to win a lot here in 2022.

They moved on from a majority of the players that were on the team in 2021 and that includes some really good players. The defense just isn’t all that good and their offense is void of enough weapons to make an impact.

Their best player is a linebacker which is not a recipe for success in 2022. San Francisco has a lot of elite players all over the field. With the defensive front that they have, poor Justin Fields is going to be running for his life with the way that the Bears’ offensive line plays.

Justin Fields clearly has a lot of talent. He needs to use 2022 as a chance to develop his skills with the limited weaponry that he has on the Bears’ offense. There are going to be good times and bad but San Francisco is just too much.

One thing that we saw in the preseason is that the Bears are going to bring a lot of effort to each game. They are also going to be a well-disciplined team. All of those things are good looks for both Matt Eberflus and Ryan Poles. The culture is good right now.

However, all of that is fine and dandy but they don’t have enough talent which is why they will be a bad team this year. With all of the cap space that they will have next offseason in addition to another year of the quarterback development, they could be building something really nice. That is why you watch here in 2022.

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