The Bob’s Burgers Movie

The cinematic debut for the long-running animated series about a misfit family of restaurant owners brings all the quirks and quips of the original Bob’s Burgers, extending to a length that feels just about a perfect medium-rare without flaming out into a dry well-done.

Creator Loren Bouchard helms the flick, carrying the same offbeat sensibilities fans have come to expect from the show. The cast all reprise their roles, as Bob (H. Jon Benjamin) and Linda Belcher (John Roberts) attempt to save their struggling burger joint from a devastating combination of late bank loans and a giant sinkhole containing a long-cold crime scene that opens directly in front of their entrance. With the—often unrequested—help of their kids Tina (Dan Mintz), Louise (Kristen Schaal), and Gene (Eugene Mirman), the Belchers scheme up a series of last-ditch efforts to save their shop and even solve a murder.

Bouchard and collaborator Nora Smith pen a fast and witty script, leaving few breaths absent of side jokes and offhanded puns. The pacing of the film drives straight forward, allowing for multiple side stories to coalesce in an entertaining conclusion that even novice viewers to the series will enjoy, while leaving enough room for inside jokes and witty fan service. PG-13, 102 min.

Wide release in theaters

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