The Blackhawks should think about this DeBrincat trade packageVincent Pariseon June 12, 2022 at 11:00 am

Alex DeBrincat was amazing for the Chicago Blackhawks in 2021-22. He has also been very good for his entire National Hockey League career. His size caused him to fall in the 2016 NHL Draft and the Hawks were lucky enough to land him in the second round (39th overall).

All these years later, if the draft were redone, he’d go in the top ten and possibly the top five. No player drafted outside of the first round that year has more career points than DeBrincat. He has truly been sensational.

He makes his money scoring goals but is also becoming a very good playmaker. At 24 years old, he has a lot of amazing ahead of him as he isn’t even in his prime yet. Unfortunately, he might not fit the timeline well for the Chicago Blackhawks.

His contract is up after the 2022-23 season and he is going to get the bag. He is on a team-friendly deal right now (based on his production) so they might try to trade him because of that value. It is also hard to extend him when the future of the team besides him isn’t very bright.

It is going to take a long time for the Hawks t contend again. It might not be when DeBrincat is at the height of his powers. There are plenty of other teams that would get more out of him in the immediate future.

The Chicago Blackhawks are certainly shopping Alex DeBrincat right now.

A trade of DeBrincat would be painful but it would also be smart for the Hawks because they would be able to get a lot for him. Teams might be willing to give up significant draft picks or prospects in order to land a player like Alex DeBrincat.

One team that makes a lot of sense for a deal like this is the New Jersey Devils. They won the second lottery and will make the second overall pick unless they move it. The Hawks might be smart to (if New Jersey is actually considering) swap DeBrincat for that pick (with other things).

The Devils have a lot of very good young players to trade away for help on the current squad. Prospects like Fabian Zetterlun, Nikita Okhotiuk, Kevin Bahl, Reilly Walsh, and Alexander Holtz are players to consider in return along with that second overall pick.

That would really help the Blackhawks out in terms of their future. It would also really help out the New Jersey Devils. DeBrincat might become a 50-goal man if he played with Jack Hughes as his center. They could even put him with Nico Hischier and really spread out the offensive attack.

A trade like this would certainly send shockwaves through the NHL world but it is something that is possible. Even if it isn’t New Jersey, there are lots of other teams looking to add number 12. Anything can (and should be) on the table for this rebuilding Blackhawks team.

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