Thanks, Mr. President Joe for screwing up our retirement big time.

Thanks, Mr. President Joe for screwing up our retirement big time.

Biden has the gall to compare Trump to Herbert Hoover.

Is Biden too stupid to know just how stupid he is? How ignorant he looks trying to absolve himself from any responsibility for the rampaging inflation? For how he looks like a flame-flam, con man that everyone can see through?

At least, that is, a vast majority of Americans who blame Biden for the increasingly desperate economy and the inflation that is wiping out the savings of so many. Who the hell is telling Biden what to say? Or does Biden really believe that the economy is hunky dory?

Those of us who are retirees on fixed income are seeing our lifetime of savings being eaten away by inflation and the crashing stock market. Joe, of course, doesn’t have to worry about such things because he shares a joint bank account with his corrupt son, Hunter. Not that we would never know about it if we didn’t watch FoxNews or read the New York Post.

What Biden is doing to Americans is beyond cruel. And beyond stupid. True, America is coming off a pandemic, flinging the economy into unknown and dangerous territory. But to blame Putin for inflation is so transparently wrong, And let’s not forget about the unprecedented Covid shutdowns imposed by mostly blue state governors and their accomplices on the local level.

How can you expect the economy to thrive or even survive when you have closed the economy, thrown millions out of work, borrowed trillions and worse?

A cartoon from the old Chicago Tribune.

Despite all that, Biden has the balls to blame the “MAGA King,” as reported here:

“We’ve come a long way in a short time,” he said before members of the AFL-CIO. “Can you remember what our economy looked like before we took office? Three thousand Americans were dying every day from COVID. Twenty million Americans had lost their jobs under the last guy.”

 Biden then made the comparison with Hoover, who was swept out of office after a single term in 1932 with the country in the throes of a worldwide economic depression. 

Merrily we go along, say the progressive explainers. It’s “greedflation” 

As prices have increased faster than at any other point in four decades, lawmakers have scrambled for explanations. In recent months, some Democrats have landed on a new culprit: price gouging.

The idea is that big companies have seized on inflation to jack up prices more than necessary. The White House has backed the claim, and congressional Democrats have introduced bills that target price gouging. Proponents of the theory have a catchy term for it: “greedflation.”

The story goes on to say that it lets Democrats “Democrats deflect blame from their pandemic relief bill, the American Rescue Plan, which experts say helped increase prices. And it lets them recast inflation as the fault of monopolistic corporations — which progressives have long railed against.”

I just wish Biden would return to his basement and let the puppeteers who are really calling the shots for the Biden administration come forward, show themselves and face the truth.

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