Texas returns to Mexico with Heffer BBQ at the next Monday Night Foodball

Texas was once Mexican. Texas is Mexican again this November 14 when Heffer BBQ returns to Monday Night Foodball, the Reader’s weekly chef pop-up at the Kedzie Inn in Irving Park.

I’m sure you remember back in September, the last time someone parked a 500-gallon offset smoker outside the bar and the sweet haze of smoked meat wafted over the streets. Shawn Smith and Leonor Quezeda, with their smoked chicken tinga tostada, were a critical part of the sorcerers’ cabal that lured a steady column of salivating, red-eyed flesh eaters that helplessly followed its narcotic scent through the doors.

The married duo got their start during the pandemic with a small Costco smoker in their Pilsen backyard, but their synergy of Mexican and central Texas-style barbecue quickly became a weekly presence in the brewery pop-up arena. 

This week they and their 14-foot smoker Pauline are headlining MNF, with a heaping preview of what’s to come at their December residency at Kimski. That means brisket and pork-belly smoked Italian meatballs in marinara; smo-fried chicken wings or baby back ribs, chips and Hatch-chili queso dip (add brisket!); and for the plant eaters, a kale salad (hold the smoked beef tallow croutons)—plus Quezada’s scratch banana pudding.

I’m certain their street corn salad with a smoked brisket add-on (brisket + esquites = brisquites) will rival last September’s tostada for the thing that wakes me up at 3 AM every night to stare into the tragically empty fridge.

No preorders this time. Come early, come often, and come prepared to CashDrop your order starting at 5 PM at 4100 N. Kedzie.

Meantime, set your sundials to the remaining fall Foodball schedule:

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