Teven Jenkins emerging as Bears’ best offensive lineman

Teven Jenkins is quickly becoming the Chicago Bears’ best offensive lineman after a tumultuous preseason.

If Teven Jenkins needed to be motivated to reach his full potential this off-season, it seems to have worked in a big way.  Jenkins is quickly establishing himself as the best offensive lineman on the Bears’ roster and may be among the best guards in the league before the season’s end.

Teven Jenkins is an absolute force in the run game.  He moves bodies out of the way and plays through the echo of the whistle on every snap.  There just seems to be a lot of joy in the job he does absolutely destroying defenders in front of him.

Every game there’s Teven Jenkins, locking onto them and driving them 10 yards down the field, or completely pancaking them in the run game.  He just has a unique ability to gain leverage and use his natural strength to drive block defenders.

If you haven’t watched his highlights, you should be because watching him will make you giddy as a Bears fan.  He’s just a nasty man that has a highlight reel block seemingly every time he’s out there.

Teven Jenkins has quickly become one of the #Bears best run-blockers on the OL — he’s got power in his hands, a strong latch, and the feet to get to his spots in both zone & power schemes.
Very excited to continue watching him settle in at G. https://t.co/czPXP1ROf5

Which begs the question, why is he still splitting reps with Lucas Patrick?  The more reps Teven Jenkins gets, the better player he’ll become.  Some players are just happy doing their job, whereas Jenkins is happy walking guys off the field and depositing them into the stands.

He sets the tone for the entire offensive line and represents the future of what the offensive line should be.  Whatever issues existed between him, the front office and/or coaching staff should be put to rest.  Jenkins just has a unique ability that very few offensive lineman have, and more than anything he’s so much fun to watch.

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