Tarik Cohen suffers nasty injury while on Instagram LiveVincent Pariseon May 17, 2022 at 6:33 pm

The Chicago Bears certainly had some excellent times with Tarik Cohen. He was an outstanding running back that made special plays with a very unique skill set. As a gadget man or a straight-up running back, he was able to make things happen.

The unfortunate thing is that the Bears cut ties with him after the 2021 season because of some injury troubles. He had a bad knee injury in 2020 that has caused him to only play in three games over the last two years. He has been working hard at a comeback from there.

On Tuesday, something very bad happened to Tarik. While streaming a workout on Instagram Live, he appeared to suffer a serious lower-leg injury while working out. After you hear the popping sound, he immediately falls to the ground and is in visible pain.

It almost seems like he knew what just happened right away. Cohen has clearly been working to come back to the NFL in 2022 and would have but now there is this issue. We can only hope that he recovers quickly from this and is able to resume his NFL career again one day.

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— David J. Chao – ProFootballDoc (@ProFootballDoc) May 17, 2022

We can only hope that Tarik Cohen is able to come back healthy one day soon.

He will probably have a tough time signing with a team while he is injured now but he could easily recover and be back in the NFL again one day. It won’t be with the Bears but he could (when healthy) be very valuable to a team that has Super Bowl expectations.

The best way to use someone like Cohen is as a second running back behind someone who is elite. A team like the Pittsburgh Steelers or Tampa Bay Buccaneers would make a lot of sense for Cohen but he needs to get healed from this injury now.

Tarik Cohen is someone that is very easy to root for. He is an incredibly nice man that wears his heart on his sleeve. A lot of teams would benefit from having this guy which makes this injury that much more devastating to see.

His article in The Player’s Tribune was very moving. He is as authentic of a person as there has ever been in the NFL. This injury is hard to see for him as he deserves much better. Hopefully, this is just a minor setback for a big return one day.

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