Survival in today’s stormy political climate.

Survival in today’s stormy political climate.

Is this a “safe space” to escape the hostile, roaring politics?

Good Lord, has it ever been this bad?

For the past few weeks I’ve been hiding like a prairie farmer cowering in the storm cellar waiting for the tornado to pass.

Except it hasn’t passed. Poked my head out for a look-see and the political life of America is even worse than imagined. The darkened sky is swirling with unmoored accusations, incriminations, recriminations, censures, vilifications, denunciations, pointed fingers, fault finding, reproaches and inculpations.

If it were a real tornado, houses, cars and cows would be flying around, day and night. Makes one want to retreat.

Except, one can’t. The odds of survival in this swirling, poisoned atmosphere don’t favor hiding under desks like 1950s school kids thinking they’re protected from nuclear obliteration.

Fie on both sides.

First, that megalomaniac*, Donald Trump. Did he really believe that by unleashing Vice President Mike Pence and a huffing and puffing crowd on a constitutionally required meeting in the Capitol that he could reverse the presidential election? Truly goofy.

Because he is certifiable, he’s capable of believing or trying anything that serves his purposes. Did he really declassify everything he took from the White House and locked up in his Mara-la-go basement? Where’s the paperwork? As is said in the cited article below, you can’t just wave your hand over the banker’s boxes and declare them unclassified.

If I were of a conspirital mind-frame, I’d think that the documents he garnered was classified evidence that could be used in a criminal investigation of Hilary Clinton’s classified e-mails. Or not.

Suffice to say, flakey Donald Trump invites conspiracy theories. Sadly, he’s most likely to win the Republican presidential nomination and most likely to get beaten in the general election by, well, anybody. But he’s willing to sacrifice the conservative agenda he espouses to satisfy his bloated ego.

Now of other side.

Can anyone fault the other side for complaining when the Department of Justice, the FBI and the Biden administration turn American history on its head by being the first in history to launch such a criminal attack on a former president and premier political opponent of President Joe Biden (or whoever is running that poor, losing-it man).

From virtually every angle–political, legal, commonsensical–the FBI raid (yes, it was a raid) was mindless. Did you see the picture of a boat standing guard off the shore of Mar-a-Lago with a machine gun mounted on its forecastle? Along with automatic weapons-toating agents guarding the compound, did the FBI expect an armed assault from whacked-out Trump supporters?

If Trump had been there instead of New York, would they have put him in shackles, like other Trump supporters whom the FBI is targeting? Must we really believe that Biden had no idea of the forthcoming raid, and if so, isn’t that even more troubling?

The paperwork justifying (???) that raid raises so many questions that Americans in good conscience must demand answers. Instead, the Biden media acolytes are charging anyone who asks legitimate questions about the process as being profoundly stupid, ignorant and blindly partisan.

My recollection of politics goes almost as far back as Truman upsetting the Chicago Tribune by beating the Republican pretty-boy Thomas Dewey. Never, ever, have I seen or heard such destructive, self-satisfying political hogwash sweep across the nation. Not from the Korean War and not even during the Vietnam War. Never, in my decades-long journalism career have I witnessed such an smug, openly hostile and one-sided press.

In that vein, I highly recommend that you read the clownish praise by a national media critic of the “truth-telling” media–meaning the hysterical anti-Trump coverage. Senior media writer Tom Jones of Poynter pens an amusing but concerning critics about conservatives and others who think questioning the government, the elections or anything else is something to be condemned. Read: “Why the media is still reporting on the 2020 presidential election: Election deniers are making powerful inroads in local races, which has serious implication of the future of our democracy.” I wonder how satisfied that Jones is for being a voice-over for one side of that democracy.

On the other hand, here is a voice from the other side. Peter Van Buren writes in The Spectator: “The five stages of Mar-a-Lago grief. He’s got to be guilty of something, right?

*Megalomania: A delusional mental illness that is marked by feelings of personal omnipotence and grandeur. A type of delusion in which the afflicted person considers himself or herself possessed of greatness. He/she believes him/herself to be Christ, God, Napoleon, anyone famous, or everyone and everything, including a lawyer, physician, clergyman, merchant, prince, or super athlete in all sports.2. Morbid verbalized overevaluation of oneself or of some aspect of oneself. As in “I’m smarter than all those generals.” [megalo- + G. mania, frenzy]

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