Sunday’s loss to the Dolphins was actually perfect for the BearsVincent Pariseon November 8, 2022 at 4:32 pm

The Chicago Bears are in the middle of a very interesting season. How they play matters so much more than the result of the game. They are still in a position where the best possible draft pick will be a better reward than a first-round playoff exit.

Their game against the Miami Dolphins on Sunday was honestly the perfect scenario for them and one that should make everyone happy. It is much better for this team to win 35-32 than to win 10-7. The evolution of the offense means everything to this franchise.

By losing, their record moves to 3-6 on the season which is amongst the worst in the NFC. They are sure to have a top-ten draft pick. Going into the season, a top-three pick seemed likely but they have been way better than that.

In addition to that, the quarterback looks like a superstar. The Chicago Bears have a large part of their future invested in Justin Fields. The first few weeks of the season were not promising but he has been looking better and better with each passing week.

The Chicago Bears are seeing some great things from their team this season.

In this game against the Dolphins, Fields turned things to a new level. He looked like one of the best mobile quarterbacks in the history of the league. He broke the regular season record for rushing yards in a single game while also throwing for three touchdowns.

There is no surprise to hear that he also did have one touchdown on the ground. He is developing into a very good playmaker in this league. The Bears have never had anything like him in the position of quarterback before.

Now, going into the rest of the season, we can expect more of this. They are going to win some games as a result of Fields’ brilliance but the roster isn’t good enough to sustain it. However, no result (winning or tanking) matters more than him becoming a star.

Sunday is a great chance for Fields to show what he is made of against a division rival. For the first time this season, the Bears are playing against the Detroit Lions. This is a Lions squad that is not good but they are coming off a huge win over the Green Bay Packers.

Aaron Rodgers and his offense weren’t able to get anything going against them so it would be magnificent to see Fields make some big plays and win the game. With the way things are trending right now for QB1, the NFC North should be very afraid.

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