Summer of Prospects entering Blackhawks 2022-23 season

The “summer of prospects” now entering the training camps, then moving on to the pre-season schedule vying for a spot on the roster.

So, as we know, the Chicago Blackhawks management were really active in the beginning of the summer to form a list of candidates to replace the all-stars the team had once possessed.

Demonstrating to the general manager first hand, with a rash of players that stood out in his opinion, and the two main stars of the tournament that made the team believe that there is in fact a future in the coming years.

Which players stood out and to the liking of Kyle Davidson?

There was a shopping list of players that came to the liking of the general manager, and the solid figure that indeed stood out was forward/ center Lukas Reichel, who is looking to become a permanent addition to the Blackhawks lineup.

A few more notable names that demonstrated grate skating ability on both ends of the ice.

Defenceman Ethan Del Mastro, who recently won a gold medal with his team; Team Canada, played a solid game along with his partner, Fillip Roos, who both earned praise from the observers and mainly management.

The second more notable name that drew interest to the observers, was Kevin Korchinski, according to reports he also had a game as solid as Reichel’s.

The best overall performance in my opinion would go to this gentleman here, by the name of Samuel Savoie, who did an mvp type of job shutting down the offence for the opposing team in the second game of the double header.

Even though the Blackhawks prospects lost in the first game, by a count of 5-2, they had recovered incredibly well in the second game and performed in spectacular fashion.

Where do we go from here?

Most of the players assigned will be competing at the training camp in a day or so, but realistically speaking most of them will be assigned to their respective farm leagues.

Many have proved that they are working towards an NHL level playing time, but despite the reports working with the veterans of the team will help them fit in comfortably and hopefully work their way into the system.

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