Summer Fitness Tips

Summer Fitness Tips


These picture-perfect days — OK, so the humidity can be a bit hard to take, but just think about wintertime — provide a great excuse to take a long walk to the lake, play tennis on a nearby public court or brave a kayak trip in the Chicago River.

Just remember your family worrier’s advice: Stay safe — from the sun, from getting dehydrated and from taking risks alone.

Here are some tips from the National Kidney Foundation on how to enjoy these too-short summer days:

Bring your water bottle, but remember that getting dehydrated starts before you even go outside. Have you drunk coffee, tea or alcohol? These diuretics can accelerate your getting dehydrated when you’re active outdoors.Check any medications to make sure none heightens dehydration.Wear sunglasses and a hat, preferably with a broad brim, and slather on a sunscreen with at least a 40 sun protection factor (SPF) that includes active ingredients such as octinoxate, avobenzone and octisalate. Never spray sunscreen on your face. And try to stay out of the sun during the day’s hottest hours, from 10 a.m. until 4 p.m.Wear light colors and synthetic fabrics that wick away sweat.Stay vigilant about food safety. When setting out food for the grill, consider lining up the most vulnerable items — such as meats and dairy — in the kitchen, and take them out to the grill rather than letting them sit outside.

After you’ve completed your checklist, relax and enjoy the warm sun, the fresh air and the freedom of moving outdoors. Bring the family, friends and others so you can share the bliss.

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