Sports Illustrated projects Chicago Bears to be among worst teams

Chicago Bears win total, as predicted by Sports Illustrated is laughable at its face.

In what amounts the most asinine prediction about the Chicago Bears’ season I’ve read to date, the once illustrious Sports Illustrated has predicted a three win season.

Sports Illustrated predicts that the Chicago Bears will finish this season last in the NFC North with a record of 3-14.

— Daniel Greenberg (@ChiSportUpdates) September 1, 2022

Sports Illustrated has cut back on respectable sports journalists over the last 15 years as it has faded into the oblivion of the digital age of journalism.  Unable to keep up and adjust to the dawning of the internet age, has left SI looking downright laughable.

At face value the Chicago Bears have a schedule with seven possible wins on it against teams that are in a worse roster and quarterback situation.  The Houston Texans, Atlanta Falcons, New York Jets and Giants, Washington Commanders all appear on the Bears’ schedule.

The quarterbacks of those teams are Davis Mills, Marcus Mariota, Zach Wilson, Daniel Jones and Carson Wentz.  None of those five quarterbacks are on the level of Justin Fields.  Neither of those teams have a roster that’s loaded with talent that should also give the Bears issues.

Adding to it the Patriots have a bottom five roster in the NFL, the Lions are still a team that only won two games a year ago and despite all the talent in Miami, and Philadelphia there’s no reason to fear Jalen Hurts or Tua Tagavailoa as QBs.

Even the best betting experts in Las Vegas have the Chicago Bears’ win total tagged at a respectable 6.5, a total on par with the actual reality of where the Bears are headed.



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