Some of the Cars with the Worst Resale Values

Some of the Cars with the Worst Resale Values

An article in Forbes (Jim Corzelany) reviewed some of the most depreciated cars on the market. Those in the know, realize depreciation is one of a new car buyer’s largest long-term expenses. They’ll more likely chose a model that holds its value. It’s a guessing game, notes Corzelany, as he takes a look at those new cars that are expected to lose their values the fastest. The data cited comes from a study conducted by the used-vehicle website They analyzed over 46,000 wholesale transactions among pre-owned model-year 2015 vehicles.

Here’s is a list of the cars Forbes cited with the worst resale values:

*Cadillac CTS

*Kia Optima

*Mitsubishi Lancer

*Chevy Express (the only truck)

*VW Beetle

*Kia Cadenza

*Chevrolet Camaro

*Mercedes-Benz SL-Class

*Dodge Charger

*Nissan Leag

*Buick Regal

*Chrysler 300

*Buick Regal

*Cadillac ATS

*Fiat 500

*Jaguar XF

*Mercedes Benz C250

*Volvo S60

*Lincoln MKZ/MKZ Hybrid

*Nissan Maxima

*Lincoln MKS

*Fiat 500L

*Lincoln MKZ/MKZ Hybrid

*Nissan Maxima

*Lincoln MKS

*Fiat 500L

As a Maxima owner, I was surprised the Maxima made the list. Apparently, due to the model restyled in 2014, the last of its generation, the model lagged behind the competition in terms of technology, styling and decreasing interest.

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