Some former Chicago Cubs players are 2022 NL championsVincent Pariseon October 23, 2022 at 10:27 pm

The Philadelphia Phillies are going to the 2022 World Series as the National League Champions! They are an 87-win team that made the playoffs as the lowest-seeded team. It is cool for local Chicago folks to know that the Chicago Cubs have some influence on this Phillies team that is headed to the biggest series of the season.

There were some ups and downs in the regular season but they ended the longest playoff drought in the NL. They fired Joe Girardi mid-season and they haven’t looked back from there. Their stars have come to play when the lights were the brightest.

We saw an amazing performance from Bryce Harper in the NLCS which isn’t that surprising based on how he played in the ALDS and Wild Card Round. His big home run put the Phillies ahead in game five of this series which ended up being the game-winner that sent them to the World Series.

Their opponent, the San Diego Padres, deserves a lot of credit. Former Cubs ace Yu Darvish was outstanding this season and the team around him was incredible. They came up just short but should be proud of this season.

The Chicago Cubs have a lot of influence on the National League champions.

The former Cubs on this Phillies team were great. Guys like Nick Castellanos, David Robertson, and Kyle Schwarber all had different roles and executed those roles to the best of their ability. Now, they are headed to the World Series.

This is Schwarber’s second appearance in the Fall Classic. Of course, he won it with the Cubs in 2016 and was one of their best players in that series. He is going to try to replicate that when the games begin next week. It should be a lot of fun to watch.

Schwarber has been one of the best players for the Phillies in the entire series against the Padres. He came up with clutch hit after clutch hit. If it weren’t for Harper’s legendary brilliance, he probably would have been the MVP of the NLCS.

Philly will face one of the Houston Astros or the New York Yankees which will be determined in the final few games of the ALCS. No matter what, it is going to be a lot of fun to watch.

Congrats to the Phillies and former Cubs that help make up the roster. They are proof that things can turn around for teams that are struggling at any point in a season.

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