Soft schedule for the Chicago Bears doesn’t seem as relaxed

During the mini-bye weekend, watching potential rivals compete made it evident that the Chicago Bears might end up being among the first teams selected in the following spring draft.

Recall that the Chicago Bears were supposed to have the eighth-easiest schedule in the NFL this season. All of that was based on teams’ records from the previous season. Chicago Bears anticipate being more competitive between the conclusion of this season and the beginning of free agency in 2023, but an amusing thing happened in between.

The lesson learned from a Chicago Bears-free Sunday was how tougher the schedule now appears. It would be pretty simple to make a case for the Bears losing the rest of the season if not for two chances against the Detroit Lions. There are just two games against teams that currently have losing records, while the Bears’ remaining opponents currently have a.594 winning percentage (38-26). Those contests are both against Detroit.

Per Gene Chamberlain, “The Jets made Aaron Rodgers and the Green Bay Packers look anemic in Green Bay, which had to leave mixed feelings with Bears fans. They always like it when Green Bay loses but seeing the Jets this good when there is a road game coming Nov. 27 with the Jets can’t be encouraging”.

Hardest remaining schedule by average DVOA of opponents ⚖️
1) New York Jets, 7.2%
2) Chicago Bears, 6.8%
3) Cleveland Browns, 5.5%
4) Cincinnati Bengals, 4.8%
5) Arizona Cardinals, 4.7%
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Here is the challenging path that lies ahead for the Bears.

Week 7: At Patriots (3-3)

Week 8: At Cowboys (4-2)

Week 9: Dolphins (3-3)

Week 10: Lions (1-4) 

Week 11: At Falcons (3-3)

Week 12: At Jets (4-2)

Week 13: Packers (3-3)

Week 15: Eagles (6-0)

Week 16: Bills (5-1)

Week 17: At Lions (1-4) 

Week 18: Vikings (5-1)

At this point, the possibility of the Chicago Bears receiving a very early pick in the upcoming draft appears likely, and we should all be aware of the error of our ways and refrain from doing it in the future when evaluating the opponents for the current season.

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