So-called expert has a hilariously bold prediction for the Chicago BearsRyan Heckmanon May 22, 2022 at 2:15 pm

Chicago Bears fans are usually all over the map with their opinions. One thing, above all else though, is true: they’re typically passionate and convicted opinions.

Whether it was about good Jay or bad Jay (Cutler), Rex Grossman being the reason the Bears lost their Super Bowl 15 years ago or even recently with Mitchell Trubisky’s development, the takes and opinions are always up for debate amongst Bears nation.

Just a few days ago, Bears fans saw one of the boldest takes ever put out on national television.

FOX Sports analyst Nick Wright, known for his outlandish takes at times, gave his season-long predictions for the 2022 NFL campaign. Where did he have the Bears?

.@getnickwright picked every single NFC game for the 2022-23 season!

He breaks it all down here:

— First Things First (@FTFonFS1) May 17, 2022

For those who didn’t click, Wright has the Bears going 11-6 this upcoming season.

Now, that’s a bold take.

The biggest debate amongst Bears fans and, well, the national media too lately, has been about whether Ryan Poles has done enough to surround Justin Fields with the necessary talent going into Year 2.

One could argue that the Bears have not added enough weapons for Fields, as he seems to have just a couple of number two or three receivers at his disposal with some other low-tier names.

Others could argue that Fields did, indeed, receive enough help this offseason solely based on the scheme change under new offensive coordinator Luke Getsy.

Then, there’s the thought that Poles is more focused on the 2023 offseason in terms of making big moves. All of this first offseason under Poles has lined the Bears up well for plenty of cap space (over $100 million) and draft capital next year.

But, no matter where you fall in these debates, you’re likely not picking the Bears to win 11 games — at least not in the right state of mind.

Wright is joined by the likes of Chris Broussard on his show, who is best-known for his “sources” back at ESPN — which were usually wrong, and nobody ever believed him anyways. These shows like “First Things First” are all for show, as we know well.

Morning sports television has mostly become all about hot takes and bold predictions that never pan out, but they surely make for good ratings.

If Wright is actually convicted about this Bears prediction, then so be it. Heck, every Bears fan out there would gladly take 11 wins. But, the reality is, the Bears are more of a 6-or-7 win team — as justified by most of the over/unders out there sitting at 6.5.

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