Six secrets to six months of date nights

Six secrets to six months of date nights

For YEARS, my husband and I have “should” all over ourselves, saying how we need a consistent date night. We’ve reach our six month-a-versary, which is longer than previous attempts, by oh…five and a half months.

Here are six secrets to six months of date nights:

Simple: Dinner is eaten at home beforehand, so we just do a drink. Same: We walk the same loop around our downtown, and we follow that with the same beer at the same table. Sex: Most weeks, we have it. Moms need to know what to expect, and we need the “brakes” of life removed. Out of the house + talking with spouse = brakes removed. Shower: Always good advice. Ladies- this is the one of two times that I wash my hair every week. Save…the date, the money, the space. It’s always on the calendar, it’s always $50 or less, the kids always know it’s Tuesday date night. Sitter: The same 7th grader comes every week. We used to go for a high schooler, but those kids have the audacity to be super busy.

Bonus: This has led to twice per month at-home date nights. Once a month, we’re each responsible for planning our meal and… ahem…”activities.” We’ve really enjoyed putting the focus on our connection and relationship.

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