Should the Chicago Blackhawks pursue Barry Trotz?

Could the Chicago Blackhawks pursue Barry Trotz after he was fired earlier in the week?

New York Islanders head coach Barry Trotz was fired on Monday and has left us asking the next logical question: what does this mean for your Chicago Blackhawks?

They have yet to name a full-time head coach, and with Trotz available would they pursue him as the next head man in charge?

The Islanders had a rough 2021-22 season under Trotz. They were the best team in the Eastern Conference not to make the play-offs, they were a whopping 16 points short, but no one else on the outside got that close looking in. They held a record of 37-35-10 last season, not fantastic but certainly superior to 28-42-12. To think he didn’t even have a Patrick Kane or an Alex Debrincat in his arsenal.

Trotz sits third all-time in wins and has a Stanley Cup pedigree. What’s not to love? He is certainly one of the greatest coaches of all time and currently one of the best in the business.

If the Blackhawks plan to keep their core around and try to win with guys like Kane and Debrincat, a coach like Trotz might be exactly what they need. Trotz throughout his career has been successful through a combination of pushing defensive responsibility and getting consistent offensive production out of his stars. Think the 2018 Capitals, great defensive team with a high-power offense. Think Ovechkin, Backstrom, Carlson and the like. Now imagine that but Kane, Debrincat, and Jones. The core is there. Add a bit of depth, a decent goalie, this team could make some noise.

Barry Trotz speculation?

There is some speculation that Trotz, the Manitoba native, might end up bench-boss of the Winnipeg Jets. That’s worrisome, particularly considering they are divisional opponents with some good pieces that could really become a problem with Trotz in charge.

Just about every team in need of coaching is going to be interested. There will be a lot of competition to land him for your squad, but hopefully GM Kyle Davidson has a trick up his sleeve to bring the future Hall of Fame coach to the windy city. The front office could use a new face given last years controversies, maybe Trotz will bring that.

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