SAGE ROUTINE: A love note to my daughter about my adopted pup.

SAGE ROUTINE: A love note to my daughter about my adopted pup.

Dearest daughter,

SAGE will let you know when she needs to go OUT – she does a little dance, prances around and her tail thumps against the wall as if a drummer is banging on a bass drum. 

Usually, right after she gets up, she’ll walk to you so you that she knows you’ve noticed her, and then she does her little dance/drum solo.  She loves to have someone pet her right after she gets up.  She suffers from anxiety issues and wants to know that whoever she’s staying with, loves her. 

If she doesn’t come in when you call her, that’s okay, let her stay out for a few more minutes – even in the heat.  But if she doesn’t come in on the 2nd call, put her leash on her and she’ll follow you in – she’s SO SWEET – she never resists and is never aggressive. 

You can give her a handful of the kibble I brought to be served in the morning when she gets up.  And sometimes she sleeps in till 9:30.   

She gets fed dinner at 5:00 PM – I make them chicken, baked potatoes, rice & kibble, but there is no problem with a can of dog food and a handful of kibbles – which I brought to you.  You’ll find treats also in the bag along with her bowl.  I always give her a treat when she comes in from the outside.  AND if you feed your pups – KEEP THEIR FOOD SAFE FROM SAGE.  SAGE will eat EVERYTHING & ANYTHING. 

And I usually give her a treat in the afternoon…. but don’t worry about that. 

Let her out at night just before everyone goes to bed – (I brought her bed). 

Her VET is KIM XXXXXXX at 21 S. Park Blvd, Glen Ellyn, IL – 630-469-7400

SAGE loves to be around people and dogs – so – I’m hoping she will GO DO GOOD with your dogs: Ellie, Cocoa, and Peanut. 

Thanks for watching SAGE – love dad

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