Ryan Poles looked really good at the Chicago White Sox gameVincent Pariseon April 17, 2022 at 1:00 pm

The Chicago Bears have a lot riding on a certain few individuals. None of them are more important than Justin Fields as the young quarterback but right behind him is the new general manager, Ryan Poles. He is hoping to come to Chicago and turn the Bears around for a while.

On Saturday, Poles was at the Chicago White Sox game in a custom jersey just for him. He looked marvelous in White Sox black pinstripes while throwing out the first pitch of the ballgame. It was a very cool sign for those of us that like baseball and football in Chicago.

We can only hope that the love for Poles continues over the years because that would mean that he is doing a great job. This city turns on Chicago Bears’ front office people quickly because they have been a bad franchise for a long time.

We can only hope that this guy helps them turn it around. If he does, he will be a legendary figure in the Chicago sports scene forever. He would be known as the man who saved the Bears which seems like an impossible feat right now.

Ryan Poles in da house. ?? pic.twitter.com/ijXQlxNrl7

— Chicago White Sox (@whitesox) April 16, 2022

Ryan Poles really needs to get the Chicago Bears turned around quickly.

They have the young quarterback in place but we aren’t sure yet if he is the guy for the long term. He was in a bad situation for his rookie year and we have to hope that it is the reason that he didn’t have one of those standout rookie seasons.

Getting away from Matt Nagy might really help him and his development. Poles better hope so. Unfortunately, it seems pretty clear that 2022 is not a year in which they expect to make the playoffs as a lot of good players have left town now.

It kind of sounds like 2023 and beyond is the focus. If they are actually a good football team by that time it will be worth the wait. If they are not, people are going to get restless quickly. Few NFL fanbases are starving for a winner more than Chicago.

Yes, it was cool to see Poles at the White Sox game. He fits in well with this town’s culture and the support of all teams. We have already seen him at Chicago Bulls and Chicago Blackhawks games so he has made his rounds. Now, it is up to him to have a good draft (without a first) and get this team turned around somewhat quickly.

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