Ryan Poles compares Chicago Bears to ‘Fixer Upper’, hints at aquiring more draft pics

Stressing the Chicago Bears are not in rebuild mode, new general manager Ryan Poles hinted at moving back in the 2022 NFL Draft in his press conference Tuesday.

Poles compared the process of reforming the Bears to rebuilding housing fixtures like countertops in a recently bought home; likening it to the HGTV show “Fixer Upper.” Chip and Joanna Gaines might be tidying up homes in the Baylor Bears hometown of Waco, TX, but Poles is tasked with fixing up the Chicago Bears at Halas hall this upcoming weekend.

“We’re constructing a very good football team, regardless of how you use whatever term that is,” he said. “We just continue to add talent, and young talent, older talent, whatever is takes to make the best team possible.”

Poles has been busy these past few months evaluating the current talent on the roster and making moves to plug in the many gaps in talent the team has going into the 2022 season. In order to fill as many gaps as possible with sparse draft picks, Poles suggested the Bears might have to trade back in the draft in order to acquire more draft capital. 

“We will be in the business, depending on where it is and what [the draft board] looks like in moving back and trying to create more. That’s just what we’ve been handed and were going to maximize that.”

Poles said he will make the determination based on if he could trade into a position on the draft board that would still have quality players at needed positions. Poles and his team have been watching film and reading reports to find the best players the Bears can draft at each spot on their draft board.

“It’s definitely a challenge but that’s why I was hired,” Poles said, referencing the unique situation former Bears general manager, Ryan Pace, left him and the team in.

Poles has had a pedestrian free agency so far, signing players who add more depth that elite talent, much to the annoyance to many Bears fans on social media. Bears fans might be wanting more sexy names in the draft to have hope for the 2022 team and beyond, but Poles seems to be biding his time and scoping out the long term solutions to the roster.

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