Rumor suggests the Chicago Bulls might trade for John CollinsRyan Heckmanon June 20, 2022 at 2:26 pm

With the 2022 NBA Draft set to take place in just three days, the offseason madness is just getting ready to cut loose. The Chicago Bulls have been one team in plenty of rumors and headlines over the past couple of weeks, so buckle up.

Some of the many rumors regarding the Bulls have included a potential trade for Utah Jazz All Star big man Rudy Gobert, a possible trade including guard Coby White and their 18th pick to move up in the draft, as well as the return of Zach LaVine being locked in at this point.

There have been no shortages of rumors in reference to Chicago, and those rumors are only going to continue over the coming days, especially with free agency kicking off July1. The latest rumor now suggests the Bulls may trade for Atlanta Hawks star forward John Collins.

According to a rumor from Heavy’s Sean Deveny, the Bulls “have had eyes on” Collins for a little while now.

The Chicago Bulls would become an even bigger threat if they could trade for Atlanta Hawks forward John Collins.

The biggest question revolving around any trade this offseason, whether it is for Gobert or Collins, is whether the Bulls are willing to give up a guy like third-year forward Patrick Williams.

If the Bulls were to engage in trade talks with Atlanta for Collins, chances are, the Hawks could ask for Williams in part of this deal. Collins is in the midst of a $125 million contract and is a high profile, young and well-rounded forward. You could say that the Bulls are hoping to see Williams turn into a more defensive-minded version of Collins.

But, if Chicago can land a guy who is already reaching his potential in Collins, do they entertain giving up Williams?

How about the Bulls ending up with both Gobert and Collins? The money would be interesting to see if it could be worked out. But, if the Bulls packaged Nikola Vucevic and Coby White, maybe they can get Gobert. But, then the question becomes how many future picks do the Bulls have to give up in order to land Gobert and Collins?

Even if it just ends up being Collins, the Bulls immediately become a scarier contender in the East. Collins can score, rebound and shoot the three as a power forward. He plays bigger than his 6-foot-9 frame, too, with plenty of athleticism to spare.

As we inch closer to the draft, it will be interesting to see what the Bulls do. With so many rumors flying around, it would be surprising if the Bulls didn’t make a splash move at this point.

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