Roquan Smith’s elite play gives the Chicago Bears a huge winVincent Pariseon September 25, 2022 at 8:29 pm

The Chicago Bears were playing one of the few teams in the league that matched them in talent on Sunday afternoon and it showed. The Houston Texans and Chicago Bears lived up to “the battle of the bad” as they had a thriller come down to the final seconds of the game.

The score went back and forth all game long as neither team was good enough to take control. Justin Fields was horrific for the Bears in this game but they still somehow managed to keep the game close due to their running game.

With the game tied at 20 all, the Houston Texans had about two minutes to have a game-winning drive. It looked like a game that the Bears were going to let get away in the end but they had their best player step up and make a huge play.

Roquan Smith, who had a terrible game against the Green Bay Packers in week two, intercepted a pass in the final minutes of the game which gave the Bears the ball in field goal range. That capped off what was a much better game for the star linebacker.

The Chicago Bears earned a big win over the Houston Texans on Sunday.

Cairo Santos came in and kicked the game-winning field goal after they took a few knees to wind down the clock to the final seconds. The Bears took the win by a final score of 23-20. It was a magnificent ending to what was a really good football game.

Neither team is going to go on and have a great year but they are trying to develop their organizations by rebuilding. It isn’t ideal that Fields was lousy in this game but they saw Roquan Smith have a great game which is great news.

That is because he had some contract extension issues during the offseason but decided to play anyway. He wants to be among the highest paid at his position in the league which he still has to earn in most people’s opinion. This game was a great start.

It would be nice if he did this against a great team like the Packers as it is clearly a tougher competition than these Texans. That is up to him if he wants to keep having games like this one. if he does, he will be well compensated.

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