Revealed true value of the Chicago Bears should outrage fanbase

The value of the Chicago Bears has skyrocketed

The Chicago Bears are an important historical relic for the NFL. A rusty relic that comes with a lot of fans and prestige that makes the franchise one of the most valuable in the league. The Bears are one of only two charter members of the NFL who still exist.

Being located in Chicago, the Bears have the advantage of being in the third most populous city in the US. The sheer amount of fans the Bears have helps to keep the value of the team high.

Forbes recently released the valuation for all 32 NFL teams. The Bears have a surprising value compared to last season. In 2021, The Bears had a valuation of $4.075 billion coming off of a pandemic year and were the seventh most valuable team, according to Forbes.

Coming into this season, Forbes ranks the Bears as the fifth most valuable team at $5.8 billion. It’s a one-year change of 42 percent. Forbes gave a few reasons why the Bears’ value may have. increased so much:

The Bears are the lone NFL team in the country’s third-largest market, a big attraction for a wealthy buyer looking to break into the league. In addition, the Bears are moving toward getting either a new stadium in suburban Arlington Heights or a renovation of Soldier Field. Both scenarios would add a lot of money to the team’s coffers.

Values aren’t turning into wins for the Chicago Bears

These numbers might be great for a family looking to sell a franchise. For Bears fans, however, these numbers might leave them scratching their heads. The Bears haven’t been as successful in the past decade as the other franchises listed in the top five.

The Bears have won one divisional championship since 2010. They’ve watched their rival, the Green Bay Packers, dominate them on the field and in the division since. Yet the Packers are only listed as the 15th most valuable NFL team.

It makes one wonder if the Chicago Bears are taking advantage of the fans hard earned cash by putting a subpar product on the field. The 2022 Bears could be a disgrace to the city and its considerably too-loyal fanbase if national analysts and Las Vegas betting professionals are correct about their predictions for this season.

This is unacceptable for the Chicago Bears to be this dismal for so long with their valuation being in the top five. The franchise owes it to its fans, who keep giving money to the team that rakes in over half a billion in revenue, to win more games. But hey, as long as fans keep purchasing jerseys to sit and watch this crap, why should the Bears try and be competitive?



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