Release Radar 7-29-22 – Josh Rouse vs Local Natives

Release Radar 7-29-22 – Josh Rouse vs Local Natives

Tough battle this week as Josh goes head to head with the Local Natives. This is why no one wins. Welcome to Release Radar, where each week we run down some standout tracks and album releases.

Josh Rouse releases another fun album full of upbeat, easy-listening gems. Check out “Hollow Moon,” “City Dog,” and “Stick Around,” from the pop troubadour’s 14th album, Going Places. Josh will be performing at Szold Music & Dance Hall inside The Old Town School Of Folk Music, Saturday, September 10th at 8pm.

The Local Natives surprise us all this week with the dreamy, “Desert Snow.” The second song, “Hourglass,” is a slow burn that builds in typical fashion, but sounds a little more spacey than usual, with the layers of fuzzed-out guitar leads toward the end, moving closer to Supertramp and My Morning Jacket.

Charlie Burg is always up to something new, so it comes as no surprise that, “Ooh! Sumthin’ New,” is the title of his latest guitar-wielding rocker. I’ve mentioned before that he’s an accomplished songwriter, who is progressively getting better, and this new single proves it.

“Diamond In The Dark” sounds nothing like Oasis or Liam Gallagher. That’s the reason I like it so much. I’ve been waiting forever it seems, or at least since he went solo, for him to find his own style, and with “Diamond” I think it’s finally happening. When music reviewer Alisha Mughal describes standouts cuts like “Diamond in the Dark,” “Everything’s Electric” and “Moscow Rules,” she says that instead of punctuating this album, “they puncture it, too, rising to a level of quality that makes the other tracks forgettable by comparison, leaving the album as a whole deflated.”

Flipturn is coming to Chicago on…Halloween? Ughhhh! It’s pretty much impossible for me to see this show with kids trick or treating and parties with parents but there’s NO reason why you shouldn’t go! Each and every new single has been better than the last and you can bet Lincoln Hall will sound incredible!

Your Jazz Cut Of The Week is “Cloud Bossa” by Jazzinuf. Hip Jazz is what I’ve been calling it, either way, it will have you swinging to the beat. I just can’t get enough of this stuff, it goes with every mood.

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