Release Radar 7-22-22 – The Kooks vs The Afghan Whigs

Release Radar 7-22-22 – The Kooks vs The Afghan Whigs

After what feels like a long wait, and numerous singles, The Kooks return with ten songs. Yes, the album is actually called, 10 Tracks To Echo In The Dark. I’ve only just started to pick it apart but this is the happiest Luke has ever sounded. Baby, wife, and the dream life. What’s it all about?

“I still can’t work it out/What’s It All About?”

Ned’s Atomic dustbin

For a while now we have seen Instagram alight with photos of The Afghan Whigs working hard in the studio. This week we finally receive new music via a digital, 3-song EP. The lead single “A Line Of Shots” feels like a retrospective of the band itself, running the gambit of everything from 1969 through Black Love. Greg and the boys are still hitting the pavement with a new bounce in their steps. This new albumcannot disappoint! They are all set to release How Do You Burn?, their first album in five years, on September 9.

The boys from Good Morning make a guest appearance on Alan Dunham’s, “Shameful Thing.” I would still love to hear more singles like ‘Morning’s “Country,” but for now, this Dunham collab will do.

The only reason why this Mozzy/2 Chains collab works is because Saweetie delivers those goods. Coming up from the rear, this dime is “Talkin’ bout sex bay-bee,” delivering line after line making both the manly rappers look incompetent.

I’m just a listener in Maude Latour’s world. She continues to impress with each new single. I’ll admit, I’m not heavily into dance music these days, but she’s compelling. I want to know what she’s doing next. Just what is her new style? Pop, rock, or dance?

“Moor Mother” is your “Crazy Cut Of The Week.” UMZANSI is like acid jazz rap. There are no boundaries anymore, that’s obvious, and sometimes you just have to respect a song for what it is. Does it have to be labeled? I hear Kendrick, I hear Outkast. What do you hear?

Oh yeah, Night Moves released another new single. But I’m only adding in “As Innocent Looking As Candy” this week because it’s one of their best thus far. I like this direction, boys, full steam ahead!

Your Jazz Cut Of The Week is from an artist who is making his debut in this spot, Kirk Knuffke, with “Gravity Without Airs.” I hope you got twelve minutes, ’cause we’re about to go on a journey. The piano can make you feel like you’re floating, while the horns are pulling you to the ground, hammering in your ears.

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