Release Radar 6/10/22 – Pixies vs Cooking Soul

Release Radar 6/10/22 – Pixies vs Cooking Soul

There were not many big releases this week, but we got a new single from the Pixies and this pop gem from Surfaces, “What’s Been On Your Mind?” Forrest Frank and Colin Padalecki have created their own version of pop and this latest single reels you in with big hooks, but not the fishing kind.

“There’s A Moon On” is the latest single from the Pixies. Not to say this song lacks invention, but it’s easier to believe that their best work is behind them. Though it’s cool to hear them grow old together and Frankie sounds good here.

Regina Spektor is in top form on “Loveology.” People are going to stand up and take notice this time around. “Where has she been,” you say? Yes, it feels like light years since she’s been available but she’s back in a big way. “Forgive me-ology/I’m sorry-ology.”

Flipturn drops another great tune, “Whales.” This album is going to be fantastic, I just can’t say enough good things about these guys…and gals.

It’s been years since I’ve heard from Kids, and this cover of MGMT’s “The Greeting Committee” is a welcome surprise. I’ve always loved this song and their interpretation brings something new and fun, while holding true to the original idea, it’s definitely playlist-worthy because a lot of people will ask, “Why do I know this?”

I don’t hate Jack White’s latest single, it’s actually much different sounding than most of the tracks on his last album. Apparently, like Ryan Adams, he’s releasing his second full-length album this year and we are barely halfway through 2022.

Cookin Soul and Jinsang? Sound like an incredible dish! I have not heard of either, but I’ll be dammed if the track isn’t fire. “Drunk JB” has got that jazzy, campfire swagger that makes me want to take up rapping again!

Your Jazz Cut Of The Week is “The Same” from Braxton Cook and Marquis Hill. Mr. Hill has been on our #RADAR for a while now, but we welcome first-timer Cook this week with a number that blends R&B and jazz. It’s a slow burn that works over a trap beat with smoky horns. Enjoy!

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