Release Radar 5/20/22 – Sun Room vs Flipturn

Release Radar 5/20/22 – Sun Room vs Flipturn

Man, Sun Room’s “I Want You” reminds me of summer. School’s out, we would head to Peterson Park, play baseball, volleyball, or whatever presented itself. Sometimes the girls even showed up, which made things more complicated, because I had no idea how to talk to them.

A 10-year-old boy pushed my daughter down last week and after sussing the situation I realized that he liked her but couldn’t convey this through words. At home, she asked, “I thought he liked me?” I said, “Honey, I think he does? I just don’t think he knows how to tell you?” What I meant to say is, “Stay the fuck away from that psychopath!” Kidding!

If Flipturn can stave off the fame, and continue on this incredible writing streak then the sky’s the limit.

I hear a little bit of Starsailor in “Brooklyn Baby” and there’s a touch of Keane. Their pop sensibility is second to none, now let’s see where they can take this?

That new Josh Rouse album, Going Places, is en route (July 29th), and this week we get the second single, “Stick Around.” Josh is in his element, this is a fun jam, upbeat with a banjo and horn section.

Jeff feels retribution on “Tired Of Taking It Out On You.” You can hear the pain in his voice. He’s never been more upfront, and he’s never sounded better. What a heartfelt title too. The double album is on its way.

Grant-Lee Philips is back with a new album, All You Can Dream.” One of the first songs that grabbed my attention was “Remember This.” Acoustics, piano, and steel guitars go so well with this man’s voice that it’s hard to resist. Check out “You Can’t Hide” as well.

Gang Of Youths hooked me with their live performance of “Angel On 8th Avenue,” on the Today show. That was all it took, and I was sold. Pretty much everything they do is good, and this alternate take of “Forbearance” follows suit.

Mando Diao’s “Frustration” is a rocker! These guys are hit or miss for me, but this is a HIT! Put it on any playlist and smile when it comes on!

If Ella is “Putting On The Ritz,” you know it’s hitting your #RADAR.

Polyphia is a newcomer to our Jazz Cut Of The Week category. “Playing God” is like math jazz, if that makes sense? Its precise drumming, mixed with intricate note picking and funky bass lines, is like nothing I’ve ever heard. If they added any sort of distortion to the guitars, this would border a type of speed metal, though not heavy. Have I piqued your interest?

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