Release Radar 4/29/22 – Arcade Fire vs Swedish House Mafia

Release Radar 4/29/22 – Arcade Fire vs Swedish House Mafia

Arcade Fire’s two-part single “The Lightning I & II” was a great return to form, and “Unconditional I (Lookout Kid)” follows suit. Not that this band really makes bad music, but they’ve gone through phases, and stylistic changes, that have led some astray. Now we are getting a healthy dose of the original pop they broke through with.

Engelwood caught fire during the pandemic when a lot of people needed a pick me up, and he never petered out. His flame is still a blazing with “Limsa” the new single from his upcoming album of the same name.

I got a random text this week with a Spotify link. I didn’t click the link because I thought it might be a virus or spam. On Friday I got together with my friend Adam for a beer and he explained that he was the one who sent The Lumineer’s cover of The Cure’s “Just Like Heaven.” That link made sense now and we both had a good laugh. I told him I did see the song pop up in my #RADAR, and that it was a really cool, piano-based cover, unlike any other version I’ve heard.

Regina Spektor releases “Up The Mountain” this week, her second single from her new album, Home, before and after, to be released on June 24. Her first single, “Becoming All Alone” was really good, and fans should be excited about the quality of this new release.

Last week Wilco was on our #RADAR with a live version of “Reservations,” originally released on Yankee Hotel Foxtrot. Word on the street is they are prepping a special edition for the 20th anniversary of that album, while Cruel Country, their new double album is on the docket for May 27 with CDs and records to follow the digital release. They will play that album live for the first time at their own festival, Solid Sound.

Johnossi’s “Sunny” was a sweet surprise this week. I’ve never heard of the artist, but at first listen there’s a little Chris Cornell going on here, and I love his fierce growl!

I’ve never been a Swedish House Mafia superfan, but this single here is the definition of a banger, and maybe the darkest thing they’ve done yet. “Mafia” just grabs your innards and pulls you out of your seat. Get the fuck up and dance! Know what I mean!?

Delvon Lamarr and his organ trio grab the coveted Jazz Cut Of The Week spot with “Can I Change My Mind – Live.” It’s a little slice of happiness, and that’s enough for me these days. Is it jazz or is it blues? You make the call!

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