Recovering goth

“I kinda got it on a whim,” says Alexis P. Morgan, 30, about the dazzling two-piece ensemble she purchased from Boohoo. “I normally don’t get super colorful things, but I’ve been branching out. [This set] had such a fun vibe to it and everybody was like, ‘You look amazing!’ I just decided to color it up—you know, [colors are] the spice of life. 

“I’ve been experimenting with fashion and enjoying things, especially as a plus-size person who doesn’t get to see really tasteful bright fun clothes,” she adds. Her outfit was perfect for the “Create Your Own Tarot Cards” book-signing event she’d just attended at Ponnopozz, the Ravenswood boutique known for their lively prints. 

Customized talismanic bracelets made by Joey Atreides
Credit: Isa Giallorenzo

Though she is still figuring out what her style is, Morgan usually makes more neutral sartorial choices. “I’m a recovering former emo-goth child. Now I’m somewhere between soft and classical glamour and this more fun-for-all tropical aesthetic. I was raised in Florida, so I just wanted a little bit of that warmth,” she says. 

Learn more about Morgan’s work at and on Instagram at @theladyalx.

To enhance the high-femme aesthetic she was going for, Morgan sported a pair of heart earrings she reluctantly bought from SHEIN (“I’m not super proud about [that], but they’re so cute!”). To compensate for her fast-fashion pick, she wore customized talismanic bracelets made by her friend Joey Atreides

The bracelets also reflect Morgan’s spiritual leanings. Besides being an artist, she works as an ancestral witch and priestess who helps her clients “fulfill and explore their wants, needs, and desires through the lens of their relationships with community and through examining their relationships with their ancestors.” “My goal is to help people ground their lives in what matters to them, rather than the expectations set upon them by outdated political, economic, and social values that don’t respond to or consider our current challenges and opportunities to evolve as a collective society,” she says. Morgan’s radiant outfit might inspire people to do just that.  

Heart earrings compliment the look. Credit: Isa Giallorenzo

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