Recommendations for the year’s final Bandcamp FridayLeor Galilon November 29, 2022 at 4:20 pm

The final Bandcamp Friday of the year arrives December 2. I’ve made a habit of rounding up music recommendations from recent Reader stories for each Bandcamp Friday, and since this is the 26th one, I hope it’s redundant to explain that for a 24-hour period, Bandcamp passes along its usual share of sales revenue to the independent artists and labels selling their wares on the platform. 

Because the Reader covers a lot of independent artists who use Bandcamp, these Fridays have presented me with the opportunity to remind our readers of the great writing we’ve recently published. Bandcamp has yet to announce any Bandcamp Friday dates beyond this one, but if it does, I might get off the bus—that is, I don’t know if these roundups are still necessary after more than two and a half years. I can tell you about the Reader’s music coverage in plenty of other ways, and Bandcamp certainly doesn’t need my help reminding people it exists. 

Without further ado, then, here’s my last Bandcamp Friday roundup of 2022, if not my last ever. My roundup for November includes a link to the previous month’s list, and you can follow that to get to all my other roundups. Happy listening!

Marisa Anderson, Still, Here

Black Cross Hotel, Hex

Brakence, “Fifthenigma” and “Fuckboy”

Brutus, Unison Life

Edith Judith, Bones and Structure

Elder, Innate Passage

Field Medic, Grow Your Hair Long If You’re Wanting to See Something That You Can Change

Ben LaMar Gay, Certain Reveries

Gilgamanians, Escape From Dark Matter

Late Nite Laundry, Late Nite Laundry

Maku Sica, Formless

Meat Wave, Malign Hex

Nour Mobarak, Father Fugue

Matt Muse featuring theMIND, “Rapport”

The O’My’s, Building Blocks andNo Swimming

The Opus, Earthwalkers

Orisun, Viscera!

Danielle Ponder, Some of Us Are Brave

Rubberoom, Architechnology and Gothic Architecture 

Smut, How the Light Felt

Special Interest, Endure

Sweet Cobra, Threes

Temp., Taking Notes

Tenci, A Swollen River, a Well Overflowing

They Are Gutting a Body of Water, Lucky Styles

Da Wei Wang and Tatsu Aoki, Yes Strings Attached


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Wednesday, November 30, 2022 at the Museum of Contemporary Art

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