QB Justin Fields sputtering as Bears trail 49ers 7-0 at halftime

Justin Fields is off to a brutal start in his season debut against the 49ers, and the Bears are down 7-0 at halftime.

The wet field is no friend to the passing game and the Bears’ offensive line has struggled across the board, but Fields has contributed to the problems as well. He has completed 3 of 9 passes for 19 yards and rushed five times for 25 yards. His passer rating is 2.8.

The Bears have just 68 yards of total offense, averaging 2.3 per play. They have not gotten farther down the field than their own 35-yard line and have gone three-and-out three times.

They did not push past their own 35-yard line until late in the first half.

Fields threw an interception midway through the first quarter that set up the 49ers in Bears’ territory. He threw over the middle of the field for Darnell Mooney and did not appear to see 49ers safety Talanoa Hufanga drifting toward him to pick off the pass. Fields was under pressure and got hit after he released the ball, but this was clearly a case of misreading the defense.

He caught a break, however, when cornerback Jaylon Johnson ended the 49ers’ ensuing drive by punching a fumble out of the hands of 49ers receiver Deebo Samuel.

The running game isn’t doing much to help. Khalil Herbert has rushed five times for 27 yards, and David Montgomery has 13 yards on nine carries.

The Bears also threw away a chance at points just before halftime when they lined up for 46-yard field goal, but were hit with an unsportsmanlike-conduct penalty because holder Trenton Gill used a towel to dry up a spot on the grass before the kick. After the penalty, the Bears punted instead.

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