Puffballs: Big to really big ones make for a memorable walk in the woods to take photos, earn MOTWDale Bowmanon November 2, 2021 at 5:41 pm

Ken Gortowski found big to really big puffballs while walking in the woods to take photos. | Provided

Ken Gortowski earned Mushroom of the Week honors for many big to really big puffballs found while walking the woods and taking photos.

Ken Gortowski was simply taking photos Sunday, but kept finding big surprises.

“In the span of a couple of hours of wandering around in the woods, I came across 15 to 20 puffballs ranging in size from baseballs to bigger than a basketball,” he emailed.

He kept a mid-sized one for taste-testing.

A reminder that foraging for fall mushrooms is prohibited in virtually all area park districts and forest preserves. Also know your mushrooms or connect with somebody who does if foraging for them.

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