Praise expertly honor the D.C. melodic hardcore of the 80s

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Baltimore band Praise have been working within a classic melodic hardcore sound since their 2010 debut seven-inch, and they dig even deeper into that terrain on their newest album, All in a Dream—their first for legendary hardcore label Revelation. While they started out in a more traditional mosh-heavy vein, Praise started diving hard into the emotional hardcore associated with D.C.’s Revolution Summer on the 2016 EP Leave It All Behind (which even included an Egg Hunt cover). That record proved to be just a peek into what they’re capable of, though. All in a Dream borrows Dag Nasty’s formula of creamy, ringing guitars, high-energy rhythms, and catchy yelled vocals, then builds it into a melodic masterpiece with heartfelt hooks, clever harmonies, and absolutely delicious guitar interplay. A highlight of the record is drummer Daniel Fang—hardcore fans might know him from a little band called Turnstile. Much as he does in that group, he brings an incredibly bouncy, lively feel to Praise, while essentially turning his drum fills and phrases into hooks of their own. This sort of music has been made on the east coast since the 80s, and while Praise aren’t reinventing the wheel, they honor the style so expertly that All in a Dream feels like the freshest record you’ll hear all year—it’ll keep you coming back for more. Due to Fang’s obligations with Turnstile, Praise don’t get out and play—let alone tour—very often, so this show is not to be missed.

Praise Mil-Spec, Instill, Subliminal Excess, and Absolute Truth open. Sat 9/10, 7 PM, Chitown Futbol, 2343 S. Throop, $15, all ages

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