Police district councils candidate questionnaireReader staffon January 16, 2023 at 1:35 pm

The Reader sent questionnaires to candidates running for seats on Chicago’s newly created police district councils. We asked candidates about their backgrounds, experience in community organizing or activism, and their interactions with the Chicago Police Department and government. Read their responses here.

Here’s what we asked

Do you have experience working in or interacting with city or state government?

Do you have experience volunteering or interacting with the Chicago Police Department?

Do you have experience as an activist or community organizer?

Multiple choice:

What do you consider the primary role of a police district council member to be?

Establishing civilian control of the police department
Communicating with the department on behalf of the community
Helping the police do a better job
Other (please explain below)

Should the city hire more police officers?


Is the Chicago Police Department adequately funded?

No: funding should be increased
Yes: funding should stay about the same
Yes: funding should be reduced

Please select the statement you agree with most:

Police should be the only responders to mental health crises.
Police should accompany healthcare workers to mental health crises.
Police should not be involved in mental health crisis calls at all.

Which statement do you most agree with:

The police are doing a good job, and need more resources.
The police need training and some reform.
The police need significant reform.
The police should be defunded or abolished.
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