Pioneering postpunks Wire continue to chart new ground on Mind Hiveon February 22, 2020 at 12:00 pm

In 1987, British punk and postpunk pioneers Wire pulled an unforgettable power move: After a few years’ hiatus, the band reconvened and announced a comeback tour. However, they were only interested in their new electronic material and refused to perform any of their beloved early songs. So they booked a Wire tribute band, the Ex-Lion Tamers (which included Chicago music critic Jim DeRogatis), to open for them and play their iconic 1977 album Pink Flag in its entirety. Decades down the line, they’re not so reluctant to revisit their storied history. Wire’s second act (or is it third?) has been under way since 2003, when they regrouped with original drummer Robert Grey (aka Robert Gotobed) following a ten-year break. The new Mind Hive (Pink Flag) is their eighth album since then (and their 17th full-length altogether), and it showcases much of what still makes the band unlike any other. Even when the arrangements are full and rich (as on the Krautrock-ish “Hung” and the droney, dreamy “Unrepentant”), their songs retain a distinctive chill austerity. The dystopian stomp of “Be Like Them” and the understated horror story in “Off the Beach” demonstrate that they haven’t lost their dark edges either–there’s an uneasiness lurking in every corner and in all 35 minutes. And this will continue to be a good year for Wire fans: not only is there a new album and tour, but the band are also collaborating with writer Graham Duff and director Malcolm Boyle on a forthcoming crowdsourced documentary, People in a Film, that spans Wire’s entire career. Footage from the film–including the bandmates walking around a village, riding a tractor, and collaborating in the studio–can be seen in their video for “Cactused.” On this tour, Wire will also show off their DJ skills; a different member will spin an opening set each night. v

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Go Green! Architecture Center Spotlights Chicago’s Eco Friendly Buildingson February 22, 2020 at 3:40 pm

The Patriotic Dissenter

Go Green! Architecture Center Spotlights Chicago’s Eco Friendly Buildings

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Enjoy February While You Still Canon February 22, 2020 at 4:00 pm

Acoustic Music in Chicago

Enjoy February While You Still Can

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Movie Review: Portrait of a Lady on Fireon February 22, 2020 at 5:18 pm


Movie Review: Portrait of a Lady on Fire

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POTUS Set to Grant 10 Posthumous Pardons?on February 22, 2020 at 9:51 pm

The Amused Curmudgeon

POTUS Set to Grant 10 Posthumous Pardons?

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Corrigan — Hyde Park Catson February 22, 2020 at 10:14 pm

Pets in need of homes

Corrigan — Hyde Park Cats

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Elaine — Hyde Park Catson February 22, 2020 at 10:17 pm

Pets in need of homes

Elaine — Hyde Park Cats

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Chicago Bears Free Agency: Team should sign Teddy Bridgewateron February 22, 2020 at 12:00 pm

The Chicago Bears may not be in the market for a big-name free-agent quarterback, but they should be.

It does not appear as though the Chicago Bears will be big-game hunting for a quarterback when free agency officially kicks off in March. This is true despite some high-profile names on the market, like Tom Brady, Phillip Rivers, and to a lesser extent, Jameis Winston. However, one additional name that likely won’t be targeted by Ryan Pace, but absolutely should be, is Teddy Bridgewater, for the reasons laid out below.

First, let’s quickly recap why such a move is unlikely. Bears insider Brad Biggs opined earlier this week that his own opinion is that the Bears are committed to Mitchell Trubisky as their starter and might look to bring in a backup via trade. He believes it is unlikely they would “reset” the quarterback room with a big-time name who could supplant Mitch.

This came out around the same time as a story from NBCSports Chicago’s JJ Stankevitz, which essentially said something similar, that the Bears will not (and should not) expend significant financial resources on a nig name quarterback like those above, or others who could become available like Nick Foles, Cam Newton, Derek Carr, or even Dak Prescott.

If you’re one to read the tea leaves, you might be starting to put together the fact that these insiders are likely foreshadowing what will actually occur. However, Bridgewater should be the exception to these general theses.

Let’s start by challenging the notion that Bridgewater will command $30 million per year. Earlier in the week, on 670 The Score, Mike Florio rebuked the report that Bridgewater was looking for $30 million per year. He claimed that the report did not originate with Teddy or anyone in his camp, but rather, it likely came from an agent (or agents) representing other quarterbacks who are trying to scare QB-needy teams away from Bridgewater.

Now let’s assume that number is something much more manageable like say $20 million, which is his market value according to Spotrac. This would be a fair price for a quarterback who would be the best of the “reasonable options.” The costs of the other big-name free agents would surely be prohibitive, but $20 million for an experienced veteran who had considerable success last year, and is universally beloved in the locker room, seems more than fair.

Heck, if the Bears decided to pick up Trubisky’s fifth-year option, it would cost them around $24 million. So getting a guy like Bridgewater for $4 million less than it would cost to bring back Trubisky in year five, seems like a no-brainer. Of course, the Bears would perhaps have to get creative structuring the rest of the deal, but the point is, it’s likely doable.

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Six months ago, the idea of bringing Bridgewater on to replace Mitch was not that appealing. However, after watching their respective seasons, the idea has grown on me. The Bears would be wise to get in the mix before this Super Bowl window vanishes.

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Chicago Bears Free Agency: 5 players worth the moneyon February 22, 2020 at 1:00 pm

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Chicago Bears (Photo by Hannah Foslien/Getty Images)

Ryan Pace and the Chicago Bears could decide to open up some cap room by re-working current deals or making cuts.

This is not the topic most people are talking about with the Chicago Bears and general manager Ryan Pace. This offseason is more than likely going to be different than the last few. Chicago has little cap space to work with, as well as minimal draft capital.

But, if Pace has taught fans anything over the course of his tenure with the Bears, it’s to never underestimate what he can do. Pace has a history of making things happen, whether or not the moves end up working out for the better.

In the past, Pace has restructured current deals in order to make room financially. He has also cut ties with veterans in order to do that. Already, the Bears announced they are releasing veterans Taylor Gabrieland Prince Amukamara. Doing so, they save a little over $13 million. Next up could be Leonard Floyd, if not a few more.

Chicago has a few major needs to fill, including tight end and offensive line. Those are the two everybody is talking about, but will Pace make room to sign upper echelon players? That’s the real question.

Now, while I don’t see it as a strong possibility, we have to keep that in mind. Pace could end up working his magic, opening up some more cap room and signing a player which fans hadn’t thought was a real possibility.

Which players would be worth the money, though? There are some obvious, notable names out there on the market. We can probably cross off guys like Tom Brady and Jadeveon Clowney; and honestly, the Bears don’t need a guy like Clowney.

The following few names are guys which would not only be worth the money, but change things drastically for the Bears, regardless of need.

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Chicago Blackhawks: Alex DeBrincat leads the way to a winon February 22, 2020 at 2:00 pm

The Chicago Blackhawks needed a win in the worst way. Alex DeBrincat had a good night which made that all possible on Friday night.

The Chicago Blackhawks have been on the down lately. They are probably going to be sellers on this Monday’s trade deadline as they head to their third straight playoff miss but they still needed a win in the worst way. It didn’t matter that they didn’t play very well at this point as long as they earned the win to try and get some momentum back.

It was all possible thanks to the play of Alex DeBrincat. DeBrincat is having a rather tough season for a guy of his stature. He tied the game and then won it in overtime and those were just his 15th and 16th goals of the season. He will probably be around the 20 goal mark this season which isn’t bad at all but when you had 41 the year before, it is a disappointment.

DeBincat made two great plays to help the Hawks get just enough offense to win the game. Both of the goals were assisted by Duncan Keith. It was a milestone game for him as he also collected his 600th career point with his assist on the first DeBrincat goal that tied the game. It was a really good night for Keith and DeBrincat from an offensive standpoint.

The Blackhawks were given a chance to win the game because of DeBrincat, but Corey Crawford was just as important if not more. The Blackhawks let up a bunch of high danger chances and Crawford was there to make the saves. He made 42 saves on 43 shots to earn the win. The goaltending has been very good from both he and Robin Lehner this season. It is too bad that the team around them wasn’t good enough to get the job done.

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The Blackhawks have one last game before the trade deadline. It comes on Sunday afternoon as they are set to face the Dallas Stars to kick off another long road trip. After two straight games at home, they will now be on the road for four straight. The last three are going to be after the trade deadline, so it will be interesting to see what the roster looks like by the time the second game starts.

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